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iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!
Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee

Published on 2 weeks ago

Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday.

iPhone 11 Pro Review: https://yt.mba/watch/DyX-QZZBgpw

Retro Tech coming in December!
Retro Tech Pilot Episode: https://yt.mba/watch/Oy8zSYKkczI

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Comments :

He Paul

He Paul . 3 hours ago

If you consider Nokia's half smart Symbian system as a smartphone, my first smart phone was Nokia E63, or probably Blackberry 8700. I forgot which one was the first.
Almost God

Almost God . 3 hours ago

I had 2 options then I phone or Nokia communicator E95 I bought the E95 I still regret that decision ! 😕😕😕
Austin Wilwayco

Austin Wilwayco . 5 hours ago

2010: iPhone 4s 2019: iPhone Xs
Austin Wilwayco

Austin Wilwayco . 5 hours ago

iPhone 4s was my first

einc70 . 6 hours ago

Marquee this came out in 2007, Google responded with the first Android phone the Nexus One in 2009. I bought one in 2010 first started rooting it. You could do a Nexus One vs Pixel 4 throwback. The phone had a chip that could read Wifi Passwords. The root communitiy cracked it. Then Google removed it on the Nexus 2. 😂
Ozan Kilic

Ozan Kilic . 6 hours ago

+iPhonedo what do you think about this challenge ;)
jeremy katwaroo

jeremy katwaroo . 9 hours ago

My first smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy Y

mahmoud . 12 hours ago

ijustine is perfect for that challenge
Legend of the Stormlord

Legend of the Stormlord . 13 hours ago

Not iOS 3.1. It wasn't called that back then. It was iPhone OS 3.1.

nightofthecastle . 13 hours ago

My first phone was an LG Lucid, back when budget phones were really budget. I believe it was early to mid 2011/12, and I was 11 or 12 when I got it. Man I have some memories on that old thing if only I could find it.
Arnab Biswas

Arnab Biswas . 14 hours ago

2013: iPhone 4 2019: Nokia 6.1 Plus
August Åkesson

August Åkesson . 15 hours ago

The first "smart" phone I had was the LG GW525AQ, internet access and the physical sliding qwerty keyboard was amazing
Jack Gonsalves

Jack Gonsalves . 16 hours ago

6:43 are you located in BK, SINY, LINY????
Sarthak Nikhal

Sarthak Nikhal . 16 hours ago

Just like the iPhone 11Pro vs original iPhone video , I'd like to watch HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) vs Google Pixel 4 video ! 🤩
David Reeves

David Reeves . 19 hours ago

Samsung Blackjack II I think! Got the 3 and then quickly migrated to a Galaxy Nexus.
we all need help sometimes

we all need help sometimes . 20 hours ago

If you buy a iPhone you're supporting dictator trump for president 2020
Jakob Dormayer

Jakob Dormayer . 20 hours ago

my first Smartphone was the Iphone 4s
Antonio 4eman

Antonio 4eman . 21 hours ago

🔳⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜ ⬜🍎⬜ ⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜
• AR • Productions

• AR • Productions . 21 hours ago

Get unboxtherapy to do it.
Rohit Mehta

Rohit Mehta . 22 hours ago

My first smartphone was Blackberry 8520
Iuri Rodrigues Farenzena

Iuri Rodrigues Farenzena . 1 day ago

Wow that time when we used to have glossy icons, bars, and buttons everywhere. Who still remembers that? When did that stopped being cool?
Michael Russell

Michael Russell . 1 day ago

Oh man! the LG Voyager was my first real phone I had as well. Loved that phone!
Tlhompho Kgalane

Tlhompho Kgalane . 1 day ago

Mine was the Motorola Milestone, it was very impressive. Solid and very advanced I remember logging into my company's VPN and restarting a linux server using my cellphone 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿
Riaz Ul haq

Riaz Ul haq . 1 day ago

The same old bull shit 😂
harold angulo

harold angulo . 1 day ago

2011: Galaxy Nexus, but I wanted htc one X 2016: Huawei p8 Lite but I wanted nexbit Robin 2017: LG K10 but wanted htc m8 2018: xiaomi mi a 1 2018: iPhone 6s 2019: iPhone se
Devin Rhode

Devin Rhode . 1 day ago

dude you should use the iPhone SE for a week or more in preparation for the SE2

jmunizmartinez . 1 day ago

My first smartphone (from before they where called that) was the Verizon XV6600. It was made by Audiovox, and was a powerful and very useful piece of equipment (for it's time). Denzel Washington's character can be seen putting it down on a table or nightstand in the movie " Déjà vu".
Ethan Merritt

Ethan Merritt . 1 day ago

My first phone was the Galaxy Nexus 3 lol
It’s jay Vlogs

It’s jay Vlogs . 1 day ago

Wait till we are reviewing the iPhone X in 10 years
Zoltán Nagy

Zoltán Nagy . 2 days ago

My first smartphone was an iPhone 3GS in 2009. I LOVED it, I called it My Precious.
Alton Koh

Alton Koh . 2 days ago

Nokia N97


അന്തസ്സ്. ..
Mohannad Nasser

Mohannad Nasser . 2 days ago

I had the very 1st Samsung note. It was amazing for me at the time. I remember betting a bit annoyed a bit by the performance of it but still found much revolutionary in comparison to the iPhone.
Gergely Marksz

Gergely Marksz . 2 days ago

Samsung Omnia 1
Suji S

Suji S . 2 days ago

I got ipod touch first Gen and i payed ₹500 or something to enable the bluetooth via a software update. 😁😁😁
Kenny Yuen

Kenny Yuen . 2 days ago

Trying to justify yearly improvements by comparing iPhone 1to11. 👌
Abdeta Terefe

Abdeta Terefe . 2 days ago

my first was was LG c105
Brandon Steele

Brandon Steele . 2 days ago

My first smartphone was the Sharp Aquos Crystal! That phone was unique but man I LOVED it! You should definitely google that one!

Brony404 . 2 days ago

Just asking is mkbs merch sold in UK aswell
Nickls Keg

Nickls Keg . 2 days ago

2010 BC : Stone 2010 AD : Phone
Munjalsinh Mahida

Munjalsinh Mahida . 2 days ago

Karbonn A6
Jesse de Groot

Jesse de Groot . 2 days ago

My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Young.
Fin Procter

Fin Procter . 2 days ago

My Dad, actually got the first iPhone when we where on holiday in Dubai, around 6 month before it came out back home in the UK. I remember it being this super futuristic thing that was like something I had seen in films. I was like 12 so didn't really have use for a phone, but I loved using it. I even remember that the homescreen was called the summerboard?? and the apps didn't have text underneath until you selected it in settings. Pumped for the Retro Tech vids.
Matthaeus Tomy

Matthaeus Tomy . 2 days ago

My first phone was the Asus Zenfone Go 5.0

ET-FACT . 2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S 3 clone 🤣
Clement McDonald

Clement McDonald . 2 days ago

iPhone 6s Plus (I hate it soooooo much) and I still have it. I want a Samsung A10e, Marques please review it!
BoniBon 666

BoniBon 666 . 2 days ago

🎛⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️ ⬜️⬜️
tommy kocab

tommy kocab . 2 days ago

Lew @unboxtherapy would for sure switch to that for a week
Mr rmatltif

Mr rmatltif . 2 days ago

LG Dare was my first Smart Phone

killertek78 . 2 days ago

Galaxy S Vibrant, still have it.

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