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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Mr. Sakurai Presents "Terry Bogard"


Published on 2 weeks ago

Join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Director Masahiro Sakurai for an in-depth look at Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series and SNK history in this new video presentation!

Learn more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC!

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Comments :


over900Aayan . 5 hours ago

imagine if kirby was in smash
Life Owns your end

Life Owns your end . 7 hours ago

People: the stream is going to be 45 minutes long, I bet you they will introduce dlc fighter 5 Sakurai: what’s up guys welcome to my gaming channel
Simon Gonzalez

Simon Gonzalez . 8 hours ago

Sora for smash as a dlc!
big_titan_of Left_house

big_titan_of Left_house . 8 hours ago

Terry stole the smash invitation from lori yagami
Jonathan Farrell

Jonathan Farrell . 16 hours ago

"Are you ok?" Yeah, I'm doing just fine. Thanks fo- "Busta WOLF!" Oh God...
Khôi Bá Phan

Khôi Bá Phan . 21 hours ago

I, A random Weeaboo have a dream. That THERE WILL BE A JOJO IN THIS GAME SOON!!!
Zachary Alejandro

Zachary Alejandro . 1 day ago

Wish there was an update to make everything easier to 100% the game for us not-so-skilled players, and for just our enjoyment. This too much to ask? Apparently so!!

ShortStack . 1 day ago

I love Sakurai
J Greene

J Greene . 1 day ago

Rayman for smash ultimate
KJ Koopa

KJ Koopa . 2 days ago

There’s something I would say in this comment but super Smash Bros ultimate is for good boys and girls of all ages so I can’t say it
Pichu TK

Pichu TK . 2 days ago

Video starts 6:04

Kamelosk . 2 days ago

its so cool how sakurai gives a deep lore on each character showcase, i can imagine how much research he do on the franchise of each addition to smash

OsmanXZ450 . 2 days ago

And another thing, can you allow custom stages in Training Mode?

JustKeptLurking . 2 days ago

"Speaking of the protagonist there are differences depending on which version you're talking about like Orochi and NESTS... anyway he's forever a school kid." Heh, nice banter on the NESTS Saga in a nutshell. The 2nd Gen KOF literally went full Kojima on Kyo.
The Great Hawk

The Great Hawk . 2 days ago

We want Phoenix Wright! Please, at least do it for your friend, The Great Hawk...

Søren . 2 days ago

So we're getting Jill Valentine and Shanoa ?

Whale_Man . 3 days ago

Dear Mr. Sakurai I need: Skull kid, Sora, Shovel knight, Rayman, Sceptile or Typhlosion Please my love next dlc make it to me <3
Putri Khaleeda

Putri Khaleeda . 3 days ago

i really hope the final dlc 5 is jibanyan because he have a paw of fury and he cute and his final smash is he shadowside form where he punch every fighter with his punch multiple time (if sakurai know what i. mean)

CFS GAMING . 3 days ago


Doggieworld3 . 3 days ago

Bayo amost killed our boy Sakurai
Patrick Andrei Catbagan

Patrick Andrei Catbagan . 3 days ago

Welp, considering that Nintendo's games are for kids.....totally reasonable
Armando Salazar

Armando Salazar . 3 days ago

Samurai, please give me halo for smash bros.

D太郎 . 3 days ago

Mai Waifu mai (´;ω;`)
Dark wolf

Dark wolf . 3 days ago

Leon from resident evil 4 deserve be in this game because all remasters and he came exclusive for game cube
Dark wolf

Dark wolf . 3 days ago

Resident evil 4 came from game cube and then remasters in every console is not in smash bros.Leon:am i a joke to you?
Flower Boy

Flower Boy . 3 days ago

Toon Ninja

Toon Ninja . 3 days ago

Yall still cant tell me yall would still prefer sans over this
Velocity Raptor01

Velocity Raptor01 . 3 days ago

Everyone is here! Waluigi : Am I a Joke to you?
Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown . 3 days ago

Masahiro Sakurai Can you promote Scorpion and Sub-Zero DLC For Smash Raz DLC Crash Bandicoot DLC Steve DLC and Cuphead DLC
Esteban Manjarrez

Esteban Manjarrez . 4 days ago

No Mai no buy
Bonnie 204

Bonnie 204 . 4 days ago

Freddy for Smash

XxMzMxX . 4 days ago

Sukurai: Smash is only for good boys and girls Cloud: ... Wolf: ... Bowser: ... Dark Pit: ... Ganondorf: ... King K. Rool: ... Ridley: ... Bayonetta: ... 🍑
aoit sarwar

aoit sarwar . 4 days ago

Alchemia story

Audiovisual . 4 days ago

why 3k dislikes?

Linus . 4 days ago

I'm so glad the world 5 boss from Banjo-Tooie made it in to Smash
Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher . 4 days ago

3:51 yo did sakurai just show a curse word in a presentation for smash?
Julian Williams

Julian Williams . 5 days ago

Tbh, masahiro is kinda good. (I know lol he designed it but it doesn’t seem like he would play a lot but he’s good.)

JP007 . 5 days ago

I guess the next dlc fighter will be tracer
Dark Void

Dark Void . 5 days ago

This will probably get ignored but Steve for smash
Walker #34405

Walker #34405 . 5 days ago

Everyone:Zero is the best player. Saukrai:Haha no

Tsurgeo1992 . 5 days ago

48:17 Oooww that must've hurt snake's jimmies super badly DX
Josiah Polakiewicz

Josiah Polakiewicz . 5 days ago

"she's sO gOoD" sure Sakurai
Square Bob

Square Bob . 5 days ago

Mason EternalSwirl

Mason EternalSwirl . 5 days ago

I like that Princess Peach is on 9.9
David Torres

David Torres . 5 days ago

20:32, from left to right Terry's colors: KOF '98, Fatal Fury 1, KOF 2002/ 2002 UM, Fatal Fury Special/KOF '94 to '99, KOF 2002/2002 UM, Real Bout 2, KOF 2000/ KOF XIV, and KOF 2003. Thanks Sakurai for including the legendary "Hungry Wolf"
Chris Glover

Chris Glover . 6 days ago

Please add sora in smash

HauntedRaincoat . 6 days ago

I want Sakurai to throw in more characters he wants and not what the fans want...because Terry showing up is AMAZING!
Blue Tiger 127

Blue Tiger 127 . 6 days ago

Omg terry is the best character ever
Flower Boy

Flower Boy . 6 days ago

no mii hype?
JeffDaKilla TV

JeffDaKilla TV . 6 days ago

Ok Boomer

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