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The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For

Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

Published on 1 week ago

The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.

Model 3 - https://yt.mba/watch/te6VqldjTT8
Model 3 Performance - https://yt.mba/watch/YvsnIL0AIAk


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Comments :


RKGSD . 11 minutes ago

@19:50 The name is Joe Biden, but you can call me "Joe"
Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts . 14 minutes ago

26:30 Heck, I'll take the free white one. I can't believe everybody hasn't jumped on that.

gbk99 . 37 minutes ago

ugly and expensive.

Zvelo . 44 minutes ago

From Twitter: A guy named Joe asked Elon that the Autopilot chimes are too loud and are waking up his baby. To honor him, they called it Joe mode.

KylePlaysGame . 1 hour ago

A guy named joe commented on Elon’s twitter and said he had a problem with the car and the Elon fixed it. Called it Joe-Mode
Richard Oldfield

Richard Oldfield . 1 hour ago

Shortbaked Videos

Shortbaked Videos . 1 hour ago

can you do a review on the cybertruck?
Anthony Salama

Anthony Salama . 2 hours ago

Can u please review the Mercedes X Class??

shahram . 2 hours ago

A fun fact is you won't lose much of range when you accelerate fast as long as you are using regen and not break hard to stop.
William Whitman

William Whitman . 3 hours ago

That is nothing but UGLY. Looks cheap. $70K? No way.

o . 3 hours ago

26:54 look at the car behind :D
Andrei Gauna Adamson

Andrei Gauna Adamson . 3 hours ago

'I want a heads up display to see what gear I'm inn...' You want it to show a big D all the time?
Chunhua Li

Chunhua Li . 3 hours ago

So many ads

musicmanson . 3 hours ago

It’s looking a bit Dodge to me...
Glenn Clark

Glenn Clark . 4 hours ago

I want an app to filter out all comments with the word 'Doug' in it.
Cameryn Martin

Cameryn Martin . 4 hours ago

At the start of the video sentry mode turned on lol
Nathanael Luttrell

Nathanael Luttrell . 4 hours ago

Wow, even this car has already moved to USB C Cough*apple*cough
We out here West Siding

We out here West Siding . 5 hours ago

I think this guys chin would get along with Jay Lenos chin.
Michael Everson

Michael Everson . 5 hours ago

Pretty much just looks like it ate a Model 3. I guess they're catching on to the, "same sausage, different length" habit that other manufacturers do nowadays. Looking at you, Audi...
Teimon Pojat

Teimon Pojat . 6 hours ago

Y did they make this?

Lucifer . 6 hours ago

Ill NEVER get one. Its still too costly . Plus the gasoline / registration charge.

CamoSquid21YT . 6 hours ago

Damn, almost perfect Doug Score

HereIgoAgain . 6 hours ago

I'm seeing a hatchback/coupe, not a SUV.
Filhos do Desespero

Filhos do Desespero . 6 hours ago

The car is just plain desproportional ugly! And I love the model S... (The model 3 is not ugly, but the interior completely puts me off, and the model X... Just not practical!)

CamoSquid21YT . 6 hours ago

I'm not sure if he knew and was joking, or if he really doesn't know, but Joe mode has to be the best mode in any car ever😂😂😂 Thank you again Mr. Musk, Meme Lord

CamoSquid21YT . 7 hours ago

I like that Dog mode specifies it's for pets, not children. Thank you Mr. Elon Musk
No More

No More . 7 hours ago

No spare tire??

CamoSquid21YT . 7 hours ago

9:00 Don't want things to be seen? Get a Tesla Model Y. Drug dealer? Tesla Model Y. Murderer? Tesla model y. Any other ideas for what you can use this for? Tesla model y.

VinSix . 7 hours ago

''Y'' would I be waiting for that?😏

CamoSquid21YT . 7 hours ago

Still waiting for those roadsters to start coming out👀👀

P . 7 hours ago

too much storagge :(
SciFi Factory

SciFi Factory . 8 hours ago

God, there really is not a single SUV that is not ugly :D
Shiv Patel

Shiv Patel . 8 hours ago


Sean . 8 hours ago

Does it have kid mode for the idiots that leave their kids in the car and kill them?
Andrew Hall

Andrew Hall . 8 hours ago

Tesla is fanboy garbage
Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues Coutinho

Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues Coutinho . 8 hours ago

tão..mas tão tão feio...lol

RCVIKINGS . 8 hours ago

can anyone look and comment on the rims. please! or is it just me who interferes with it. that the wheels roll in different directions

RCVIKINGS . 8 hours ago

11.18 into the movie you see the rims on the passenger side. and 26.45 you see the rims on the driver's side when the wheel turns in the wrong direction I think
Jean Nale

Jean Nale . 8 hours ago

If you get rear ended you will lose the whole hatchback since the hatch goes all the down into the rear bumper

RCVIKINGS . 8 hours ago

when they make such an expensive car, why can't they make the wheels individually rotated if you look at the rim on one side of the car then the flanges go one way and the other side !! so ugly when they make such an expensive car, why can't they make the wheels individually rotated if you look at the rim on one side of the car then the flanges go one way and the other side !! so ugly
Levi Wright ROBLOX

Levi Wright ROBLOX . 9 hours ago

the x and the 3 and sex
Renaud Villacis

Renaud Villacis . 9 hours ago

Idk y'all just a bunch of trend folkowerscsuse these cars are f%cking ugly . Just like Van sneakers f*cking ugly but u d#ck ride cause its trendy . Foh

Top10Cars . 9 hours ago

Proportions are a bit strange. I'd prefer model 3 or X. Btw. check also my channel, every week two new car videos :)
ilker erol

ilker erol . 9 hours ago

In camp mode if i turn the lights on ( interior lights for ex.) , does it use the hight voltage battery or 12v battery?
Can Özmen

Can Özmen . 9 hours ago

Tesla S+3+X+Y=SEXY
Arnold Clarke

Arnold Clarke . 10 hours ago

Rear brake callipers at the back of the disc. Interesting.

Ken . 10 hours ago

I don’t like there’s no speedometer or heads up display in front of the driver. We’re all still tactile human beings..and I want something I can just glance down instead to turning my head down. That slight delay might cause an accident
Don farlan

Don farlan . 10 hours ago

Y because we like you ,m o n e y
Toy Barreiros

Toy Barreiros . 11 hours ago

20:10 Joe mama

1Skeptik1 . 11 hours ago

Clever marketing? If you drove a pick-up truck or station wagon in the 60's you were NOT part of the "IN CROWD". Q: What do you have if you raise the raise the roof 3" on a station wagon? A wagon for tall people? NO! It's now an SUV that you can charge a premium for. Pay $60 grand for a pick-up truck and you are the Man. LOL Go figure?

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