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Football's Greatest Teams .. AC Milan

Classic Football

Classic Football

Published on 3 years ago

Football's Greatest Teams .. AC Milan

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Comments :

Mr. mano o

Mr. mano o . 3 days ago

Strongest team of all time.

Wilson23 . 1 week ago

Barca fans are probably still butthurt about 4-0 humiliation in that CL final. Cruyff's swang song. Arrogance will always be punished. LOL.
Edcrib_ CSA

Edcrib_ CSA . 3 weeks ago

How the mighty has fallen
Edcrib_ CSA

Edcrib_ CSA . 3 weeks ago

Hi more videos plz
Hasib Raiyan

Hasib Raiyan . 3 months ago

What a team

arijit.dodul . 3 months ago

anything everything whatever

anything everything whatever . 4 months ago

How many times have AC Milan ⚽ won the Italian league 🏆: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PW0xRFHPKW0
Dominic 1998

Dominic 1998 . 7 months ago

Come on Milan! You can come back from this problems what you have today! I believe in you! Real Madrid, Milan, Liverpool, Barca and Bayern are simbols to UCL!!
Joey Bill

Joey Bill . 7 months ago

Forza Milan please return to Europe's elite soon!
Semir Osman jama

Semir Osman jama . 8 months ago

Never give up Milan 😭🙏 Forza

Frogborne . 8 months ago

Rijkaard looks like he is being held hostage
George Lino

George Lino . 8 months ago

The best team - miles and miles away - I've seen in my life! 😍
Kenin J C

Kenin J C . 9 months ago

Who else wants to see ac Milan 1990s vs barca of 2009s
Julian Eder

Julian Eder . 9 months ago

10 million for gullit holy... how times have changed nowadays overrated kids like mbappe are worth 20 times as much

JacobiteBhoy . 11 months ago

I miss Milan !

JoeMilano9 . 11 months ago

Alex AAA

Alex AAA . 1 year ago

I missed Rui Costa.
Kwok Tai Lam

Kwok Tai Lam . 1 year ago

Great documentary and the story ends with: After their victory in 1994, Frank Rijkaard beat AC Milan with his First Love Ajax in 1995.....
Just Anthony

Just Anthony . 1 year ago

So happy when Milan buy Krzysztof Piątek. It's time for this club to returns to where it belongs. From a Juventini.
Rohan Atapattu

Rohan Atapattu . 1 year ago

AC Milan was the best football club in the world.
Darth Stryfe

Darth Stryfe . 1 year ago

and today it's 1-1/2-2/0-0 and you stay on your half to remain at 1-1/2-2/0-0 and defend the entire game. hehehe that's passion... right?
zibusiso hadebe

zibusiso hadebe . 1 year ago

Gullit , Basten & riikard best Milan of all time
John Henry de Klerk

John Henry de Klerk . 1 year ago

that AC Milan would destroy Barca 5-0 in Nou Camp
Dwaipayan Datta Roy

Dwaipayan Datta Roy . 1 year ago

Aameo khelbo
Sander Broekmate

Sander Broekmate . 1 year ago

Just buy some dutch players and that's it
ayyan ch

ayyan ch . 1 year ago

Ac Milan Were Best Gullit Van Basten Rikirad
Tarang Gupta

Tarang Gupta . 1 year ago

The "s" in title teams is a bit misleading. So, could you please remove it.
Mahib Alam

Mahib Alam . 1 year ago

Respect to AC Milan from Mohan Bagan...
Xiaomi Bsd

Xiaomi Bsd . 1 year ago

Virdis the grey hair guy...with legend trio Netherlands
christian karundeng

christian karundeng . 1 year ago

forza Milan 👍
Rafael Regalado jr

Rafael Regalado jr . 1 year ago

That team has a lot of rich history it was for decades real Madrid’s main rival in Europe 7 champions for AC Milan..unfortunately in the 2010’s it has fallen.so unfair for its greatness and rich history

I.M.P . 1 year ago

Mehran Hussain

Mehran Hussain . 1 year ago

Phillip Werluchs

Phillip Werluchs . 1 year ago

Rijkaard The Pig, was a pig.
Eagles Land

Eagles Land . 1 year ago

Kids nowadays don’t know who was the real Milan
buda budi

buda budi . 1 year ago

That reason why i love Milan .... FORZA MILAN
Greg Norman

Greg Norman . 1 year ago

Sacchi was like a fresh air, no coach can match his clearity of a match.

JRob38 . 1 year ago

Shahrul Othman

Shahrul Othman . 1 year ago

Have faith in Gattuso. ⚫🔴

Leonardo . 1 year ago

maldini + baresi = 196 games, 23 goals conceded. the rest is history.
el buen perro

el buen perro . 1 year ago

Van Basten, Gullit, Rijkaard, Ancelotti, Baresi, Maldini... Damn...what a team!
Ago Karic

Ago Karic . 1 year ago

Najaca ekipa na planeti.svi vremena .the best.ac milan kings
Rain Rain

Rain Rain . 1 year ago

Why arrigo sacchi never gets old? He looks younger now
Rain Rain

Rain Rain . 1 year ago

I love ac milan, for a milan!
Dimos Polychros

Dimos Polychros . 1 year ago

Incredible team that time
Jesse Pinkman

Jesse Pinkman . 1 year ago

Dutch legends !!!!!

sgarbus26 . 1 year ago

Grazie ragazzi
Sérgio Duque

Sérgio Duque . 1 year ago

Flamengo 81
Claudio -

Claudio - . 1 year ago

Valerio Sulfaro

Valerio Sulfaro . 1 year ago

You could remove the "s" and the title of this video would still be good.

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