Lettermen Row

Lettermen Row

Published on 3 weeks ago

Thought on Ohio State target Jahmyr Gibbs and Rivals.com recruiting analyst Sam Spiegelman joins to talk Texas and the Buckeyes efforts in the Lone Star State.

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Comments :

Therion Bostick

Therion Bostick . 3 weeks ago

New fan but I love it.. keep it up birm
Zeb Zebowsky

Zeb Zebowsky . 3 weeks ago

Great update Birm. Thanks for posting. Coach Day and staff look like they''re doing their jobs. Who still has a landline phone? Just kidding.
Anthony G

Anthony G . 3 weeks ago

Thanks as always. Really enjoyed your guest! Best content around!
Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams . 3 weeks ago

Great stuff
Nicholas Bitar

Nicholas Bitar . 3 weeks ago

Do these more often
Yardvarks Lawn Care

Yardvarks Lawn Care . 3 weeks ago

Thats amazing content right there. Great job Birm!

msmolik14 . 3 weeks ago

To me you guys are the best you tube channel for Ohio State coverage and quicky becoming one of the best sources in general for Ohio State recruiting, player development and just over all information about my favorite sports team thanks Birm and the rest of the folks at LR.
Brian Huckaby

Brian Huckaby . 3 weeks ago

As always with you Birm, very informative and professionally reported. Thank you! Go Bucks!

MATTHEW AUTREY . 3 weeks ago

Love the content - guest was great, birm on it as usual
Todd B

Todd B . 3 weeks ago

Birm Gibbs is a Much Much better talent then Williams. If Williams makes a visit and commits would the coaches really stop going after Gibbs? I mean Gibbs has become a straight Monster with that pull away speed. Able to take one to the house from Anywhere on the Field.....
Bryan Husser

Bryan Husser . 3 weeks ago

Fresh cut for birm what a beast

defmidi . 3 weeks ago

Spiegelman says Demas IS Randy Moss... Look sports-journo guys, a kid can be a phenomenal talent. This player can be a future first round draft pick, great player. There is ONLY one Randa Moss, I can't believe I have to explain this to people who get paid to evaluate talent. Problem is, when you let some clueless individual come on your show and proclaim some 17year old the second coming of Randy Moss. The credibility of ALL the words coming out of your mouth become devalued.

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