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Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi

Anwar Jibawi

Published on 1 week ago

This was filmed before any quarantine and we respect social distancing.

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Comments :

Shots Studios

Shots Studios . 1 week ago

We 💜 this! Make sure to LIKE this video!!
Brandon Lal

Brandon Lal . 2 hours ago

Adam is my favorite 😂😂😂😂😂
Jack Gallagher

Jack Gallagher . 2 hours ago

Friends always have each other’s backs
Crazyboi 123

Crazyboi 123 . 5 hours ago

miko foin

miko foin . 6 hours ago

Adam: Digging she's literally digging she's a gold digger. Anwar: Have Fun Part 3 please?
looty J

looty J . 7 hours ago

don't come back get a therapy

SultanProGamer . 9 hours ago

Yeah he ain’t coming back for part 3 lol
Linkhen 55

Linkhen 55 . 11 hours ago

Should have call 911 first lol
cute girl

cute girl . 12 hours ago

When I lose my best friend for a moment 5:15
cute girl

cute girl . 12 hours ago

Best part 3:05
Oghenetega Ajamikoko

Oghenetega Ajamikoko . 16 hours ago

What and what not to do when dating https://payhip.com/b/YUWV

柴建森 . 16 hours ago

Lazy • Bean シ

Lazy • Bean シ . 17 hours ago

The moral of the story is ALWAYS TRUST ADAM 😂
Premil Shasendra

Premil Shasendra . 17 hours ago

surely he watched movie parasite before this
J. syeda

J. syeda . 19 hours ago

Okay it's better to trust your friend 😒 otherwise you'll die a death like him🙌
Rose's Drawings

Rose's Drawings . 21 hours ago

3:46 imagine they actually call 911 and his OWN phone rings XD
Nakisha Schelts

Nakisha Schelts . 21 hours ago

Part 3,4,5
Rojas Fuentes

Rojas Fuentes . 22 hours ago

Can you make a part 3
Rudra Tej

Rudra Tej . 23 hours ago

Bro's before hoes.

NO CLOUT JON . 24 hours ago

Pro Gamer57

Pro Gamer57 . 24 hours ago

Can you make a final vid of this series when he gets revenge
ahmad ahmad

ahmad ahmad . 1 day ago

Am I the only person that saw the parasite ref
Draconic Infinity

Draconic Infinity . 1 day ago

Knew it.
Coconut Juice

Coconut Juice . 1 day ago

They didn't even ask why did she ask for his deadliest allergies
Parellelsamuraismooth 00

Parellelsamuraismooth 00 . 1 day ago

Fade Haje

Fade Haje . 1 day ago

Arifa Alamgir

Arifa Alamgir . 1 day ago

Wait after the Alegre you don't die you get a allergic allergies
Omar Merhi

Omar Merhi . 1 day ago

No Skillz

No Skillz . 1 day ago

Do a part 3
Gabrielle Evans

Gabrielle Evans . 1 day ago

That last straw when Adam smacked him. Omg 😆
Halle Merrill

Halle Merrill . 1 day ago

Mohit Singhania

Mohit Singhania . 1 day ago

Bros before hoes
Mohit Singhania

Mohit Singhania . 1 day ago

If that was my friend i wouldn't give a f.ck... who wants that dumb a friend
Awneeil gaming

Awneeil gaming . 1 day ago

Parasite idea😂😂
Tanveer Singh Pannu

Tanveer Singh Pannu . 1 day ago

1:15 parasite characters
Joleen Estero

Joleen Estero . 1 day ago

The Spanish dude not even speak Spanish 🤣🤣
cunning raven

cunning raven . 1 day ago

You can always trust your best friend
Kelsie Kegley

Kelsie Kegley . 1 day ago

This is clearly a copy of the first one

KING MUSTAFA ٠٠. . 1 day ago

انور ترجمة عربية وين
Wyatt Lang

Wyatt Lang . 1 day ago

doliio volay

doliio volay . 1 day ago

“She’s a gold digger she’s literally digging!” 😂

SpiritOfSaiyan . 1 day ago

what about part 3?
ZeN x141

ZeN x141 . 1 day ago

3:49 there was a squirrel at the window just passing by :)
Crash avenger

Crash avenger . 1 day ago

Anwar You Are And Will Remain My Favourite Youtuber, You Have A Unique Sense Of Humor
Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson . 1 day ago

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Kamucha Wright

Kamucha Wright . 1 day ago

The plot twists got me DeAd
Znow Plays

Znow Plays . 2 days ago

she's so creepy
Paveilou Vemai

Paveilou Vemai . 2 days ago

This video is not satisfied 😱😱
Aboud Irfan

Aboud Irfan . 2 days ago

Always trust Adam, just dont trust Eve.
Its SkyTheBot

Its SkyTheBot . 2 days ago

Mortal of the story away trust Adam

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