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Giving People The iPhone 11 IF They Shave Their Head...
FaZe Rug

FaZe Rug

Published on 2 weeks ago

I went around a college campus with different prizes asking people to do crazy challenges for them, someone let me SHAVE THEIR HEAD for the new iPhone 11!
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If you read this far down the description I love you

Comments :

Lora Smith

Lora Smith . 3 hours ago

I love your video's.i don't like black licorice
Aiden Dolin-Lira

Aiden Dolin-Lira . 4 hours ago

I love my hair too but like 🖐🏽
Fiona Queen

Fiona Queen . 5 hours ago

I would totally shave me hair for a iPhone 11 I’m a girl and I would still do it

Shade_TalonDawg109 . 7 hours ago

John looks like drake bell from drake and josh

Shade_TalonDawg109 . 7 hours ago

Team Gio ???

Team Gio ??? . 7 hours ago

id rather go completely bald than go like that
Raze_ Mistyg

Raze_ Mistyg . 8 hours ago

Haylee Clawson

Haylee Clawson . 9 hours ago

i would so let u shave my head for that bc my family is litterly so poor u dont even no what im going through
Parker Brown

Parker Brown . 9 hours ago

Awesome video

Ripzy . 11 hours ago

I would let you shave everything for an iphone 11
Scorpion Gamer

Scorpion Gamer . 12 hours ago

10:39 the guy lowkey acc liked the thing

Cade . 13 hours ago

I kind of like black licorice 😂
Evan Owens

Evan Owens . 14 hours ago

she did fuckin horrible
papa shawn

papa shawn . 19 hours ago

I would but only for a samsung
Eric TV

Eric TV . 20 hours ago

Noah: (singing) woooh wooh wooh Faze Rug: Bro, are you serious? -I'm dying laughing HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAA
JJW Sporty vids

JJW Sporty vids . 21 hours ago

I love black licurish
Tyler Purvis

Tyler Purvis . 22 hours ago

Stuart Borthwick

Stuart Borthwick . 23 hours ago

NO I got wun
Pulse oogway

Pulse oogway . 1 day ago

If your a girl with long hair rip you
Hugh Hamilton

Hugh Hamilton . 1 day ago

i loooooooove black liqorce
Okay Alright

Okay Alright . 1 day ago

Can't ignore the guy that won the phone is cute
Colm Watcke

Colm Watcke . 1 day ago

my dad likes black licorice
Marina Guel

Marina Guel . 1 day ago

14:50 that song I heard it today from my friend 😂
Retro Void

Retro Void . 1 day ago

You can shave my head for the iPhone
Kevin Kurian

Kevin Kurian . 1 day ago

Even if you give me your Lamborghini I won't do that

IXX_Santy_XXI PR . 1 day ago

Shave my head bro because I don’t even have a flip phone
Mr Hyper beast

Mr Hyper beast . 1 day ago

Lunar Baker

Lunar Baker . 1 day ago

Umm no I wouldn’t let you shave meh poor hair bc I’m a girl sorry for your loss
Yoshiki Yang

Yoshiki Yang . 1 day ago

Isabella Karapetian

Isabella Karapetian . 1 day ago

And rude.
Isabella Karapetian

Isabella Karapetian . 1 day ago

Justin Bieber is a white ass bitch
Michael Berge

Michael Berge . 1 day ago

Hello me boi
jalane ramsey

jalane ramsey . 1 day ago

Jr Caballero

Jr Caballero . 1 day ago

Celvin Shadden

Celvin Shadden . 2 days ago

I ware 9.5 and I'm 12
JojoC 678

JojoC 678 . 2 days ago

They shaved my head for free at basic so fuck it why not 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Andrea manuela Vasquez

Andrea manuela Vasquez . 2 days ago

Me I would for that phone
Tony Gallegos

Tony Gallegos . 2 days ago

I don’t got yeezes what are you talking about 🤣 like everyone can afford them😂
Pineapple Kidx

Pineapple Kidx . 2 days ago

I love. Licorice
Mind Gamer

Mind Gamer . 2 days ago

I want to do this bro I want to gift it to my mom as birthday gift please 😭
Dariel Pacheco

Dariel Pacheco . 2 days ago

My grandma likes it
Sergio Espinoza

Sergio Espinoza . 2 days ago

Aj Manitisa

Aj Manitisa . 2 days ago

Marcanthony Mercado

Marcanthony Mercado . 2 days ago

That girl sing good tbh 8
Sandyyy Gang

Sandyyy Gang . 2 days ago

I don’t even know what liquorish is.
Sandyyy Gang

Sandyyy Gang . 2 days ago

I would
Jassiel Ramirez

Jassiel Ramirez . 2 days ago

Hell no iwould not shave my hair
Tino Cisneros

Tino Cisneros . 2 days ago

Thats what's sup Delaware all the way! The first state! DE
Josh Prasad

Josh Prasad . 2 days ago


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