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Khalid - Talk (Official Video)


Published on 8 months ago

‘Free Spirit’ out now! http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum

Apple Music: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/applemusic
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/itunes
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/spotify
Amazon Music: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/az
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/googleplay
YouTube Music: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/youtubemusic
Deezer: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/deezer
iHeartRadio: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/iheartradio
TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/tidal
SoundCloud: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/soundcloud
Merch Store: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/officialstore
Pandora: http://smarturl.it/FreeSpiritTheAlbum/pandora

Be sure to catch Khalid on tour and grab your tickets here!

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Comments :

Zavia Briddell

Zavia Briddell . 30 minutes ago

Love this song. I’ve listened to it about a million time already 😂👍🏽😁😅
Lincoln Tong

Lincoln Tong . 1 hour ago

I love Khalid
Miss Cocomo

Miss Cocomo . 1 hour ago

Come on baby
Ariel Montgomery

Ariel Montgomery . 2 hours ago

My dad and my mom love you 😍🍦🍩💄💚💜
roberto elias Ximun

roberto elias Ximun . 6 hours ago

December ? :)
lil dhmTM

lil dhmTM . 8 hours ago

300 mil loading....
cr cr

cr cr . 8 hours ago

My favorite music❤🤩
Vinesh Soares

Vinesh Soares . 10 hours ago

Khalid over DJ Khaled any day
Everett Posey

Everett Posey . 13 hours ago

Gotta sound like a fag to rap nowadays? Lmao
Morgan Hicks

Morgan Hicks . 14 hours ago

Omg I hear this a lot
Sarah Baker

Sarah Baker . 14 hours ago

2020 anyone
Mat _d4

Mat _d4 . 15 hours ago

First time playing this song when I was on my first flight⛅✈️🌏.
Creator Unreality

Creator Unreality . 19 hours ago

Joshua Ph

Joshua Ph . 20 hours ago



Wow I listened to this 3 times with mu gf
patricio Corpus

patricio Corpus . 1 day ago

Love the song I was listening to it all day toady and probably for the rest of the week 11-11-19
Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee . 1 day ago

I love this song
Jeremyh Bernal

Jeremyh Bernal . 1 day ago

Kali's I love your music
Solomon 1988

Solomon 1988 . 1 day ago

Who else heard this on Empire? I was looking for this song!!!

SINISTER . 1 day ago

This is my Shit!!!!!!
iam_ naaatt

iam_ naaatt . 2 days ago

🔯 Tiktok 🔯

HENRY PERERSON . 2 days ago

My 15 year old daughter has me listening to Khalid good vibes!!! Khalid has. And by the way I’m 44 years young
Kevin Ochoa

Kevin Ochoa . 2 days ago

Why even add blue boxs it does come out as much as red
Asyraf Adris

Asyraf Adris . 2 days ago

does someone recognize that girl, main dancer always beside khalid
eugene walker

eugene walker . 2 days ago

i love this song
eliel gamar

eliel gamar . 2 days ago

Luqman Nasiri

Luqman Nasiri . 2 days ago

Talk to just dance 2020

Jonathan . 2 days ago

Me gusta marian alv
Dew Pew

Dew Pew . 2 days ago

ทำไมมันไปสดุดตาตรง "กางเกงมวยไทย" 5555
Rodrigo S.

Rodrigo S. . 3 days ago

I love black girls. They are hot and sexy. Their sex are the best.
Kapoor Chand

Kapoor Chand . 3 days ago

утюжок айрин

утюжок айрин . 3 days ago

Перед глазами Полежайкин и Галина Сергеевна
New Horizon

New Horizon . 3 days ago

Khalid: can we just talk Salt & Pepper: Let's talk about sex👀🤔
Beee Zy

Beee Zy . 3 days ago

Am so glad Hwasa covered this masterpiece ❤

Karma . 3 days ago

0:16 hello raffy

채영환 . 3 days ago

Fucking great song
coey chen

coey chen . 3 days ago

I thought this was a rap cuz it’s black people
Merlinda Gonzalez

Merlinda Gonzalez . 3 days ago

Dude got a sexii voice 💖 Thiz song iz so romantic 🥰
Shane Armstrong

Shane Armstrong . 3 days ago

Can’t we just like

OMGITZ CLAN . 3 days ago

Who's still listens in nnn 2019
Beatriz de Oliveira

Beatriz de Oliveira . 3 days ago

This would be awesome a with Hwasa feat
Ojama King

Ojama King . 3 days ago

November gang?
Bruna Ariela

Bruna Ariela . 3 days ago

Que delícia essa musica cara ...puta que pariu ❤
myleigh Taylor

myleigh Taylor . 3 days ago

Keep this good music going
Santiago Rossi

Santiago Rossi . 3 days ago

*Can we just talk* about this in JD2020?
Brawl Stars La

Brawl Stars La . 3 days ago

Eliana Delta

Eliana Delta . 3 days ago

I miss my bae so much when I listen to this song, I’m glad we finally talked and figured out everything before we were about to break up. ♥️
Channarong .P

Channarong .P . 3 days ago

มวยไทย Shorts

Cirrico . 4 days ago

Yesterday me and my boyfriend broke up. This song started playing as we were talking about it. This was his and mines song. We listened to it all the time. Even before we were dating. We both started crying our eyes out. 3 hours later he called me and we had a conversation about it and now we are okay and we are back together. Literally sounds stupid but just talking help so much. If someone is truly the right person for you. Then you'll end up going back. In a toxic way or a good way it doesn't matter which. But hopefully the good way tbh

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