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Eminem - Old Town Road [ft. Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus] 2019

Supreme Music

Supreme Music

Published on 8 months ago

Enjoy it! Comment, rate and check my channel ! Let me know your thoughts in comments!
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Eminem - Old Town Road [ft. Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus] Remix 2019

Comments :

Supreme Music

Supreme Music . 8 months ago

Enjoy it! Comment, rate and check my channel ! Let me know your thoughts in comments! ⚡ *Instagram* - https://www.instagram.com/officialvideo_slr/
Allisson Daniela

Allisson Daniela . 2 days ago

Necesito un papa como billy
Divyansh Singh

Divyansh Singh . 2 days ago

I still listen this song... ❤
Marek Marek

Marek Marek . 3 days ago

Dulzura lírica

Dulzura lírica . 7 days ago

wea mala
door mouse

door mouse . 1 week ago

Fuckers... Scammers
Arindam Ghosal

Arindam Ghosal . 1 week ago

Fuck you
Vance Biondo

Vance Biondo . 2 weeks ago

This is .. just ..ALL BAD. 👌👍
Atoli Assumi

Atoli Assumi . 3 weeks ago

Lil nas oopss
Jayden Ball

Jayden Ball . 3 weeks ago

That is it lil nas x but a good song
the game testor

the game testor . 3 weeks ago

Any one else think Eminem bombed that shit
Janek Falkowski

Janek Falkowski . 3 weeks ago

It is totally shit...
Kaleigh Durham

Kaleigh Durham . 4 weeks ago

I love your songs😍😍
Alex K

Alex K . 4 weeks ago

You suck.
Mohamed Dicko

Mohamed Dicko . 4 weeks ago

All who came comment, dislike it please
Ragnar's Finest

Ragnar's Finest . 4 weeks ago

Billy has that perfect southern accent.
Jared Brewer

Jared Brewer . 1 month ago

Sorry but you should’ve pick a better verse for Eminem because that was off beat I didn’t like it
stoner alien

stoner alien . 1 month ago

Mateo Fruk

Mateo Fruk . 1 month ago

hir0two iOS

hir0two iOS . 1 month ago

People who liked must've the dislike button upside down
Antarpreet Singh

Antarpreet Singh . 1 month ago

What the fucking bullshit

FAZE RAY . 1 month ago

It really good with eminem

ununpentium . 1 month ago

Wendell Bruno Diniz

Wendell Bruno Diniz . 1 month ago

xXLordForrestXx 777

xXLordForrestXx 777 . 1 month ago

Eminem I thought you can this but that was... Not good 😔
Ariana Garcia

Ariana Garcia . 1 month ago

Lol none of those dudes are even lil nas x

GUARANTEEDFAME . 2 months ago

Watch this version https://youtu.be/GftCSfxjUCM

JOSHUA TIN . 2 months ago


CherryRam . 2 months ago

Ummm who thought this was a good idea? Some off beat out of place eminem bit thrown in at the end? Bad.... just bad....

GiovanniLC . 2 months ago

Stop raging Emine
Wtf ! Bruzko

Wtf ! Bruzko . 2 months ago

Fuck off 😶😑😑
Zermiks Mobile legends

Zermiks Mobile legends . 2 months ago

SPOILER ALERT: This video is fake
Martins mikael

Martins mikael . 2 months ago

Eminem words

ACE DOG EMINƎM . 2 months ago

What eminem song did they use for his verse?
Ema Čapskaitė

Ema Čapskaitė . 2 months ago

This is kinda trash dude.. sorry I just came here for Eminem..
Toni Glick

Toni Glick . 2 months ago

Prop to you guys for this quality remake. Well shot and entertaining. I clicked for Eminem, and though the lyrics might not fit the song, I still appreciate the wordsmithing.
Steve AnacortesWA

Steve AnacortesWA . 2 months ago

Was great till M&M opened his trap
aras resmî

aras resmî . 2 months ago

Fuck worst editing
Babari Legbara

Babari Legbara . 2 months ago

What is this disgusting thing you should get copyright struck
John R.

John R. . 2 months ago

When ghetto boys go play cowboy on a real cowboy's ranch lol Oh and then there's just Eminem annoying the world again....
vinay rockstar

vinay rockstar . 2 months ago

Using a premium sportify and I'm not getting this song there,😪😪
Ted Pogorzelski

Ted Pogorzelski . 2 months ago

No, please somebody go back in time and prevent this from ever happening
De Todo Un Poco

De Todo Un Poco . 2 months ago

Por ser negro no es Lil Nas!
Didimo Dil

Didimo Dil . 2 months ago


Mowac . 2 months ago

....'Boyz In Da Hollar'
douglas byron Smotherman

douglas byron Smotherman . 2 months ago

Let's face. It Eminem sucks. He was never cool and he needs to shut the f******. Is f****** raps garbage. Yeah, I heard that. I was starting to like this song today to add that f****** moron.

Batmobile_Engage . 2 months ago

Eminem shits all over this almost as hard as he does his real life. What a turd...no one cares, go home M, you're gay.
Letboilen Haokip

Letboilen Haokip . 2 months ago

Eminem i love u

BocajApache . 2 months ago

Horrible mix!
Искрен Янков

Искрен Янков . 2 months ago

Cool cover 🤘

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