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Published on 1 month ago

Hey babes! welcome back to my channel!

WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO https://yt.mba/watch/9A37LQoNugo

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SONG IN MY OUTRO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7x7G...




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see you babes in my next bideeeeo!

Comments :

Brenda Hernandez

Brenda Hernandez . 8 hours ago

its crazy hearing her say my name 🥺
Angie Varela

Angie Varela . 2 days ago

Nictza Ruiz Rivera

Nictza Ruiz Rivera . 4 days ago

You should come out with a sweater dress
Jessica Miranda

Jessica Miranda . 4 days ago

Girl same!!! We don’t support Bang around here!
Adrianna Perez

Adrianna Perez . 6 days ago

You moved on to fast I like tre and Alo much better
Ashley Galicia

Ashley Galicia . 1 week ago

“AHHHH” lodessy should be your merch!!
Alexander Matamoros

Alexander Matamoros . 1 week ago

hey guys greta content new friend have a greta day guys keep up uploading greta jobs guys
Perla Gomez

Perla Gomez . 1 week ago

#snap fam Alo- on meeeee Benny-I thought we were opening it as a couple; a couple of friends 🤣🤣🤣❤️
Jalyn Stewart

Jalyn Stewart . 2 weeks ago

Watching them gives me hope 😂❤️
Zenorah Hassankhan

Zenorah Hassankhan . 2 weeks ago

Heyy ilysm ! Keep up everything ur doing ! Follow ur dreams ! And i would like hoodie’s ,T-Shirts,jumpsuits ,jackets etc as ur merch idc whAt you’ll bring out i know for sure that imma buy every single on of them love you alondra ! 😘
Cristian Villalpando Mesillas

Cristian Villalpando Mesillas . 2 weeks ago

Hella clickbate stupid b
Lizbeth Guevara

Lizbeth Guevara . 2 weeks ago

The girl : let me find out y’all dating Alo: let me find out we’re not I was dying 😂😂😂😭 love your alo ❤️❤️❤️
E.M.E Espi

E.M.E Espi . 2 weeks ago

Do a period sweatshirt
Hanny Izquierdo

Hanny Izquierdo . 2 weeks ago

Benny looks like he gotta toot
native_ B

native_ B . 2 weeks ago

Alo..hot a question??? Was that honestly thee best meet up you ever had girl?? I bet...
Blanca Loza

Blanca Loza . 2 weeks ago

The merch will say "let me find out!!!"
Felicia Murillo

Felicia Murillo . 2 weeks ago

Well you have to have merch with Aaahhhhh! Too you say after every joke or just talking with Benny lol
naynay swansey

naynay swansey . 3 weeks ago

Yall tripping so hard. if they want to start selling "let me find out" merchandise they can. i live in Chicago and its BEEN something we said since 8th grade and im about to be 25 (😬😬😬😬 oh shit i just said it out loud now im feeling old). change of subject Am i the only one that cant get cardi bs "CORONAVIRUS ❗❗❗ "out my head
Imanol Cantu

Imanol Cantu . 3 weeks ago

Tlj que es pura pinche risa con estos dos 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😭
Mayra Barajas

Mayra Barajas . 3 weeks ago

Let me find out on your merch!
r s

r s . 3 weeks ago

Liz Licona

Liz Licona . 3 weeks ago

I just seen your latest video with Benny i feel inline with you both, i had no idea who you were before i always used to see you with your former partner and something didn’t sit right he’s gave me an ugly vibe but you and Benny cute af!!!🥰 glad you guys have become besties before anything😊
Maritza Nava

Maritza Nava . 3 weeks ago

What tattoos did they get ??
Valeria V

Valeria V . 3 weeks ago

dude let me find out benny edited your video 👀

Marisela_j1510 . 3 weeks ago

aAhaaaaaaaaaaa😘😘 u guys are perfección
Willow Salomone

Willow Salomone . 3 weeks ago

don’t make the whole title of the video about getting tattoos if you’re not even going to show what you got. pissed me tf off.
Jade Gutierrez

Jade Gutierrez . 3 weeks ago

It’s 4am and I nearly spit out my cereal because I died of laughter at her getting her tattoo 😂😂😂
Carolina Vergara

Carolina Vergara . 3 weeks ago

Alo wants to bad for Benny to ask her to be his girl the same as when she was with tre always saying when will he propose uuujjj

D3AD BIIRD . 3 weeks ago

1:33 what the name of the song?
Victoria Maldonado

Victoria Maldonado . 3 weeks ago

Alo: Lemme know what you guys want to see next Me: I'm trynna see the damn tattoos you gottt
Jose Vega

Jose Vega . 3 weeks ago

The first song name ???
Betsy Recinos

Betsy Recinos . 3 weeks ago

Damn hella ads
karla hernandez

karla hernandez . 4 weeks ago

I feel like before alo was shy and did a lot of nervous laughter around benny but now that they've gotten closer shes opened up so much. I mean just listen to her goofy ass laugh😂
Mr Fragels

Mr Fragels . 4 weeks ago

No offense but your gf has male features.. For some reason or not you guys seem to wine when you speak. Kinda weird. Ps the hanging earing in your ear is kinda gay.. nothing against gay ppl but yeah!
Abigail Medina

Abigail Medina . 4 weeks ago

I definitely think ur merch has to say Ahhhhhhhhhh
Karinelle Santiago

Karinelle Santiago . 4 weeks ago

I cant find your tik tok dude 😩😩. Follow me @Kari.Santiago
kassandra pimentel

kassandra pimentel . 4 weeks ago

Alondra you are so sweet to your fans I love it 🧡🧡 humble and down to earth queen !! Love to see it
Ana Chavira

Ana Chavira . 4 weeks ago

House tour of course!!!! Please please PLEASE let me find out....
Veronika Lopez

Veronika Lopez . 4 weeks ago

Ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhhh ❤️😂😂😂

CaligrlathRt . 4 weeks ago

Its gonna say.... "Aaaaahhh" lol "Messy with Dessy" "Let me find out"
Rafaela Victoria

Rafaela Victoria . 4 weeks ago

Love how Benny brings out the best of alo making her personality show even more
Vanessa Ornelas

Vanessa Ornelas . 4 weeks ago

Let me find outtttt
Alexa Valencia

Alexa Valencia . 4 weeks ago

“alondrahhhhhhhh” since you always say ahhhhh 💀💀
ᦔiꪖꪀꪖ ᧁꪖrᥴiꪖ

ᦔiꪖꪀꪖ ᧁꪖrᥴiꪖ . 4 weeks ago

Duuuuude at 7:10 alos faces are meme GOALS! 🤣🤣🤣

cutebow909 . 4 weeks ago

Please upload your new place!
Emelia Hernandez

Emelia Hernandez . 4 weeks ago

Bennys songs will never not slap bruh I b dancing and singing EVERYTIME they in yalls video. I love y’all together 🥺🥺

Dajahnae . 4 weeks ago

Benny stay throwing it back
Lorena Šapina

Lorena Šapina . 4 weeks ago

Benny is literally so beautiful. Look at his face. It literally SHINES DUDE AAAAAAHHHHH
Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez . 1 month ago

"your hellllaaaa dumb" shirts!
Maria Sanchez

Maria Sanchez . 1 month ago

Love your vibe

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