Published on 9 months ago

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus go totally country to perform their hit collaboration "Old Town Road."


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BETNetworks . 9 months ago

Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus rode horses to the BET Awards! Want to see how the rest of the celebs got there? Watch Rick Ross, Mary J. Blige, Queen Naija, DDG, Kida The Great & more turn up on the BETA Express train!
Cerega1982 P

Cerega1982 P . 2 hours ago

Пиво греет душу, просится наружу)))
Joe Mama

Joe Mama . 2 hours ago

Trent Reznor jus sittin in the back collecting his checks
Isaac Music

Isaac Music . 5 hours ago

2:04 name of blonde?
Regan Collins

Regan Collins . 10 hours ago

Why a 1:48 seconds in nas takes the mic away from his mouth and you still hear him as clear as day singing before he realized he screwed up then quickly puts it back to his mouth? I don't know, maybe it's just me

Jhevaughn . 10 hours ago

Almost a year ago and i still cant get over how THE BAND KILLLED THIS JOINTTTT!!!
Prinse Whitworth

Prinse Whitworth . 18 hours ago

L Asas
Carlos Menezes

Carlos Menezes . 1 day ago

José Neto

José Neto . 2 days ago

Não acredito Nenhum Brazuca assistindo ai 🇧🇷 ?
Antonio Esquivel

Antonio Esquivel . 2 days ago

Quien es la mujer que sale 1:14 de vestido amarillo?
JhúniOor AlveS

JhúniOor AlveS . 2 days ago

1:03 woww name? Guis
Ulysses Bluesy

Ulysses Bluesy . 3 days ago

Bravo 👏 👏👏

Reszek . 3 days ago

billy look like micah or arthur in RDR2
Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon . 3 days ago

Can you imagine if we had a WET for white people, you know damn well we would be called racists
CF Martin

CF Martin . 3 days ago

2:03. Is naomi
Dulce Ixchel Garcia

Dulce Ixchel Garcia . 3 days ago

Wow que padre y se escucha padre en vivo
todo todo

todo todo . 3 days ago

El comentario randon en españooool😂
V Akhilesh

V Akhilesh . 4 days ago

I'm not gnna lie....this song dint actually get old
Joailson jp

Joailson jp . 4 days ago

Sensacional um verdadeiro show
Deborah Ferguson

Deborah Ferguson . 4 days ago

Angel Uchiha

Angel Uchiha . 4 days ago

What I wanna know where is Sam Elliott's mustache
Rebe Ortiz

Rebe Ortiz . 4 days ago

Jennie Becks

Jennie Becks . 6 days ago

Manuel Porcuna Delgado

Manuel Porcuna Delgado . 6 days ago

Me encanta
Luz Renteria

Luz Renteria . 7 days ago

Old town road
Ethan Chamberlain

Ethan Chamberlain . 1 week ago

My friend stayed he is gay Me: ok sure

drgeorge95 . 1 week ago

yes yes
Minerva De Leon

Minerva De Leon . 1 week ago

Wow this is cooll😎
Hifdhi El-Haq

Hifdhi El-Haq . 1 week ago

lenny summers ft. micah bell - old town rhodes
John Biccum

John Biccum . 1 week ago

I not into race, colour, tall, short, fat, skinny, but I am sure into this song! AWESOME!!!!!
FrevrYng Rocks

FrevrYng Rocks . 1 week ago

So awesome!🤠
Carl Pellington

Carl Pellington . 1 week ago

We love you guys so much.
Luz Renteria

Luz Renteria . 1 week ago

Related uploaded
Ramoncito Leon

Ramoncito Leon . 1 week ago

AOL a nis

DimensionPRO . 1 week ago

he is so coollllllllllllllllll
carlos gomez

carlos gomez . 1 week ago

Uno ya no sabe si cantan o que, porque hay música original de fondo

KHATULISTIWA . 1 week ago

1:02 Who is she?
Banito Blake

Banito Blake . 1 week ago

😵😲 Outrageous!!!
Don Chaos / LOUP

Don Chaos / LOUP . 1 week ago

Western meet Rap......the best song I heard in the last years. Please go on making music like that.....more Moore mooooore plz Congratulations to Billy Ray and Lil Nas X
Danilo Calfueque

Danilo Calfueque . 1 week ago

Luz Renteria

Luz Renteria . 1 week ago

Old town road live
Bishoy Ezzat

Bishoy Ezzat . 1 week ago

who is she ? 1:02
Octavia Paul

Octavia Paul . 1 week ago

Why is Cardiff b In it
Debra Robinson

Debra Robinson . 1 week ago

First time hearing this song it should be Billy Cyrus song cause he done most of the singing the music sound familiar also
luana campelo

luana campelo . 2 weeks ago

queria saber o nome desse cara de terno rosa ... meu Deus q homem e essse !!!
Angel Pintado

Angel Pintado . 2 weeks ago

Unico español? Xd
Jango J

Jango J . 2 weeks ago

Nobody was looking at the dance not even the camera(・o・)

s4lvat0re . 2 weeks ago

1:02 her name is draya michele

EL WASON . 2 weeks ago

0:34 mala entrada de Billy Ray :v este lil Nas x es un loquillo :v

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