123 GO Like!

123 GO Like!

Published on 1 month ago

So, it’s cleaning day. And it can be so overwhelming and boring but, hey, why stress about it when we can help you make cleaning super fun!

Don't waste time when you can cheat your way through cleaning with our awesome ideas.

With our easy and playful cleaning hacks, your messy home will be spotless in seconds! So what are you waiting for? Try them now!

Happy cleaning, friends!

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Comments :

Leah Garcia

Leah Garcia . 4 hours ago

Hi sweets and hurt my foot because now my ankle is sprained
vinh tran

vinh tran . 5 hours ago

How do rewind
gacha_Lunar wolf Lunar

gacha_Lunar wolf Lunar . 7 hours ago

1:35 I saw my fav chips!!!! Lol!
May Dela cruz

May Dela cruz . 9 hours ago

Ang arte mo
Val Pirtac

Val Pirtac . 11 hours ago

Your soooooo cringy
Courtney Rutherford

Courtney Rutherford . 11 hours ago

realy sophia come on you probley alreddy have 10000000000 shoes
Salma Osama

Salma Osama . 12 hours ago

I love lily very much 😍😍😍😍😍
العاب انس

العاب انس . 13 hours ago

Sara Elizabeth

Sara Elizabeth . 13 hours ago

Arleene Torres

Arleene Torres . 14 hours ago

She said damm when washing the dishes
Ayla Snow

Ayla Snow . 16 hours ago

123 GO goes to Zara
manuel murillo

manuel murillo . 20 hours ago

Tom Webb

Tom Webb . 21 hours ago

Qwsdc&xcxxc cxx⚡️🐴🐴☹️☹️☹️☹️🪐☹️💥😂🐴🌔💥🌔🌓🌤😂🤣😘😘😘😘😛😛😘😘😗😛😛🧐😘🧐🧐🥳🥳😏
Tsz Yu Hannah Lee

Tsz Yu Hannah Lee . 23 hours ago

Melissa B

Melissa B . 1 day ago

Shopping spree! I would buy all the stuff I saw
Dakari Johnson

Dakari Johnson . 1 day ago

Rachel Pics

Rachel Pics . 1 day ago

Her: goes on a shopping spree and gets a million shoes Me: goes on a shopping "spree'' Buys one pair of shoes.
Maily Nguyen

Maily Nguyen . 1 day ago

Marcello Lopez

Marcello Lopez . 1 day ago

do they ever go any wear!
Veteran Outdoor Addiction

Veteran Outdoor Addiction . 2 days ago

IshaVeera Barot

IshaVeera Barot . 2 days ago

I hate peanut butter
Jewel Vyfhuis

Jewel Vyfhuis . 2 days ago

I have Sophia 😡
sudhir garg

sudhir garg . 2 days ago

Who takes stuff from trash
Zunairah Hasan

Zunairah Hasan . 2 days ago

Olivia should clean up she made the mess but Emily is nice enough to make something up

westicekid . 2 days ago

Your smart
marco lewis

marco lewis . 2 days ago

Wanda Smith

Wanda Smith . 2 days ago

Kamila Lino

Kamila Lino . 2 days ago

When Sophia got her shoes it’s like she was singing
Tee Aguilar

Tee Aguilar . 2 days ago

OMG I tried all these hacks and they all worked🤦🏽‍♀️😮
Madelyn Alls

Madelyn Alls . 2 days ago

So many dishes to wash !!! … Buy a dishwasher
Reyna Walker

Reyna Walker . 2 days ago

Lorena Montalvo

Lorena Montalvo . 2 days ago

None could compare to 123go😍😍😍
Lorena Montalvo

Lorena Montalvo . 2 days ago

How do you fold the pants cause you only show us the shirt
Bisma Zara

Bisma Zara . 3 days ago

I like washing pots I am just 11 years old
willy yu

willy yu . 3 days ago

From what you trtty it was a long to do
Atirah Nabilah Hasfa

Atirah Nabilah Hasfa . 3 days ago

Sofia: Yes its the best part of the day Lunch Time Me: My Best part of the day is Dessert I mean I like Lunch too its my second fav But my first is Dessert Please Like if u think the same Comment if u think Corona Virus is soo Bad #StaySafe #StayAtHome Stay Safe
Melissa Guild

Melissa Guild . 3 days ago

I like your videos I have tried 1 of your hacks
Zoey Hunsaker

Zoey Hunsaker . 4 days ago

Oh and I really like the tennis shoes and I want them but I can't have then😑😑😑😑
Zoey Hunsaker

Zoey Hunsaker . 4 days ago

Hey I'm Zoey and I love your videos. Hey are awesome
Little fun in Philipines

Little fun in Philipines . 4 days ago

Its so funny
Kathleen Gervacio

Kathleen Gervacio . 4 days ago

I would keep those pink shoes at home 😂😉 how is she gonna clean up the house cause there'. Shoes on the rug
James Williams

James Williams . 4 days ago

Ah I don’t like peanut butter
Janette Sawyer

Janette Sawyer . 5 days ago

I love to watch 123 go!Does eney one else?
Cindy Betancourt

Cindy Betancourt . 5 days ago

I love your videos ❤️😍🥰🤩😽😻💞💕💝
Ronald Stukes

Ronald Stukes . 5 days ago

Whynne Larasati

Whynne Larasati . 5 days ago

Narator: "speaking" They: "don't hears the Narator" Me: wait they didn't hear the Narator speaking that loudly 🧐🧐🧐🧐
papmammu 007

papmammu 007 . 5 days ago

I want those red heels pls just kidding this is best useful video
Princess Madelyn Muftar!

Princess Madelyn Muftar! . 5 days ago

Sophia and her shoes
Shaheen Khan

Shaheen Khan . 5 days ago

How did Vicky Fold the Clothes so Fast 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀
Rene Bongbonga

Rene Bongbonga . 5 days ago

I. Love. there. video

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