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How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious


Published on 2 weeks ago

Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

Grapes 0:40
Strawberry 1:01
Fig 1:30
Plum 1:57
Lime 2:27
Lemon 2:46
Kiwi Berry 3:18
Longan 3:38
Gooseberry 4:07
Prickly Pear 4:26
Star Fruit 4:52
Rambutan 5:12
Passion Fruit 5:44
Mandarin Orange 6:01
Persimmon 6:16
Pepino Melon 6:45
Quince 7:15
Cherimoya 8:01
Apple 8:23
Dragonfruit 8:46
Avocado 9:23
Peach 10:32
Pomegranate 11:11
Orange 11:46
Yellow Plantain 12:18
Green Plantain 13:03
Mango 13:51
Grapefruit 15:12
Durian 15:55
Papaya 16:48
Pineapple 17:41
Cantaloupe 19:12
Pomelo 20:00
Pumpkin 20:46
Honeydew 21:21
Watermelon 22:03

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How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

Comments :

KrazyTrickster S

KrazyTrickster S . 41 minutes ago

Forgot tomato
Trash Monkeys

Trash Monkeys . 50 minutes ago

My boyfriend cheated on me and now I finally know how to cut bananas:)

ThatCas . 1 hour ago

I'm pretty sure the laugh tracks are ironic guys. The chef def knows not to take this so seriously.

Jacuzzi . 1 hour ago

This isn't a thing where you need like a compilation for every kind of fruit. When are you cutting more than two fruits at a time let alone like 50 lol
hawa kamara

hawa kamara . 2 hours ago

How many times he said to cut both ends | | | | \/
Diego Elizondo

Diego Elizondo . 2 hours ago

cut the lime in 3 parts from the top around the center, it's nicer

ChrisOng . 2 hours ago

the yellow plantant is a banana
Stranger Memes

Stranger Memes . 2 hours ago

"this is a pomagranite. There are many ways to cut this, I'm gonna show you 2" Shows only one
Jade Campbell

Jade Campbell . 2 hours ago

I learned so many new fruits and names of some I didn’t know like they spiky one
beatrice floyd

beatrice floyd . 2 hours ago

wtf is a yellow plantain...that’s a banana

xIconicCookii . 3 hours ago

“Yellow Plantain” Me: A banana?
Planet Earth

Planet Earth . 3 hours ago

I really really wanted to buy some delicious dragon fruit at the World Market but they were like $9.00 each.
Midori Leopard

Midori Leopard . 3 hours ago

2:32 When that backing music came, on I can't get the SpiritOfTheLaw association out of my head.
phantom of the void

phantom of the void . 3 hours ago

im hungry now
phantom of the void

phantom of the void . 3 hours ago

Cierra Perrera

Cierra Perrera . 3 hours ago

My grandma calls gooseberries ground cherries
Simple Shade Games

Simple Shade Games . 4 hours ago

This makes me feel like a professional chef
Jerrick Tong

Jerrick Tong . 4 hours ago

Wait,frozen pizza is not a fruit??????
Nick Dolphin

Nick Dolphin . 4 hours ago

Canolope is like impossible to find ripe in stores, go to a farmers market for it

Kiss-Shot . 5 hours ago

how do I cut a tomato
Roy Roy

Roy Roy . 5 hours ago

KIWIS ARE NOT BERRYS They are grown on vines

jøe . 5 hours ago

Best ways in the whole video.🍊🍎🍑👌 - - برشومي 04:27 🥑 09:25 رمان 11:12 🥭 14:47 ماندارين 15:38 ببايا 16:50 🍍 17:40 🍉 22:05 ❤️🧡❤️🧡❤️🧡
Ian's Show

Ian's Show . 5 hours ago

“How to cut every fruit” **Doesn’t show how to cut a cucumber or a pepper.**
Your average tootay

Your average tootay . 5 hours ago

Blueberry where is it
Will McGee

Will McGee . 5 hours ago

@21:21 Doin it up at cha mom's house
Rusty .Thebanite

Rusty .Thebanite . 6 hours ago

This is The Mandarin. You peel it with an Iron Man suit. XD
Lego Reveiws

Lego Reveiws . 6 hours ago

Dragon fruit is flavorless.
Paige Waring

Paige Waring . 6 hours ago

No Horned melon?
juanalacubana 2.0

juanalacubana 2.0 . 6 hours ago

fake audience? just don't use it again, please.

EaGlEk1nG . 6 hours ago

paczki playz

paczki playz . 7 hours ago

A banana is a berry not a fruit
Subscribe toTheChannel

Subscribe toTheChannel . 7 hours ago

https://youtu.be/sLaKAXVd1vg can't believe she did that😂😂
InhaleMYTeflon InhaleMYTeflon

InhaleMYTeflon InhaleMYTeflon . 7 hours ago

i just realized what i was watching and how pointless it is to me. for some reason watching a 50 year old man cut fruit is so satisfying.
Donna JuanWells

Donna JuanWells . 7 hours ago

Log 1112

Log 1112 . 7 hours ago

What has my life come to?
Brian Lightman

Brian Lightman . 8 hours ago

Where's jack fruit?
Rayhan Ali

Rayhan Ali . 8 hours ago

No Mangosteen 🥺
Kaitlyn P

Kaitlyn P . 8 hours ago

The audience made this video so creepy. Like I'm half expecting a human to lie down on the cutting board.
Yahiko Kurotama

Yahiko Kurotama . 8 hours ago

Damn the only time I've seen mango that's green af but ripe inside is when its what we call "forceripe" and it is no good like that
Samuel Malakowski

Samuel Malakowski . 9 hours ago

wait where is the coconut, pear and jackfruit?
Hill Bill

Hill Bill . 9 hours ago

You said lychee wrong
girl let me kNoOoowWww

girl let me kNoOoowWww . 9 hours ago

I see a lot of comments abt the fake audience, but I have never heard of some of these fruits, and so I'm grateful that I learned something from this video.
indiana jones

indiana jones . 9 hours ago

*wastes half the pomegranate*
Levi Temple

Levi Temple . 9 hours ago

Well, that was the poorest excuse for a hammer I've ever seen. Please, use a sledge hammer next time.
Grahm Can Things

Grahm Can Things . 9 hours ago

“And look, the kiwi berry is adorable!” *aAAawWWwWwhHh*

SwissArmyTaco . 9 hours ago

they forgot about the ackee fruit.. probably because its illegal in the US
Mikyle Manohar

Mikyle Manohar . 10 hours ago

He miswd a lot of feuits
The Real Creed Bratton

The Real Creed Bratton . 10 hours ago

Watched this on acid
Big Jamal

Big Jamal . 10 hours ago

Anyone else get a *ridiculous* amount of 20 second long yogurt ads or just me??

Donken . 10 hours ago

Imagine if humans were fruits, Frank would chop us in half feel off our skin, then pull out our brain and eat us. Ew.

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