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Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱



Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

King Zer

King Zer . 23 minutes ago

"Done" "Iphone entry" Why: Im an incoming Grade 12/Senior High student here in the Philippines under STEM strand and planning to take Engineering in college. Unfortunately my parents don't have enough budget/money to afford High-end devices like Apple, etc, or something like that. It would be a huge help for me to be one of your winners as it would be able to help and support me to my chosen profession.
Madhu Sharma

Madhu Sharma . 34 minutes ago

Iphone entry Done Why . Till the date i didnt have iphone
Gabriel Roldan

Gabriel Roldan . 34 minutes ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: because I have honestly never won anything and plus my phone is cracked all over the screen would be amazing to win
Mauricio Pérez

Mauricio Pérez . 36 minutes ago

"IPhone Entry" "Done" Why:I made space on my cell phone to download the social networks where I would follow you, you have some great photos, you are incredible
Jazmin P

Jazmin P . 44 minutes ago

"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: I really like the "checkered drip" and the "this iphone" (that's what you called it)lol. The designs are siiiiiick so I want one:)
Sorely Torres

Sorely Torres . 57 minutes ago

I really would like to win but if I don’t there’s always next time and whoever are the lucky winners good for them they deserve it😊💙
Mauricio Pérez

Mauricio Pérez . 1 hour ago

"IPhone Entry" "Done" Why:There are more needs not only for my training or what I like, if not school, with my quarantine I find it very difficult for homework, communication and the ease of other means with my family
No 0sie

No 0sie . 1 hour ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: i have been a supporter/sub for some time now and this junk fye
Judith Andrade

Judith Andrade . 1 hour ago

I know there is a big chance I won't win and with my luck I'm pretty sure i won't. I'm happy for whoever is blessed with a new iPhone.😁
Kian Pati

Kian Pati . 2 hours ago

“iPhone Entry” “Done” Why I don’t have a why I just followed everyone else but keep em vids coming Marko, shit is fiyahhh 🔥💯
Ally Velazquez

Ally Velazquez . 2 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” “why?”: because I’ve been subscribed to you for as long as I can remember and I’ve never won anything, regardless I wouldn’t keep the phone. I want to gift it to my brother, he’s a huge fan of yours as well :)
Wilmar Martinez

Wilmar Martinez . 2 hours ago

"iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: Because i can't afford an iphone, i only have an cheap android phone
Abi Everhart

Abi Everhart . 2 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “done” why: my parents smashed my phone, I can’t afford to buy a new one
Luis Valdez pion

Luis Valdez pion . 2 hours ago

is the paint removable?
Lance Quisto

Lance Quisto . 2 hours ago

Okay I'm goint to commit to this. I'm going to install instagram to get a chance pf having a piece of your art. But I think winning is still impossible since Philippines is just halway around the globe. But still hoping to win one🙏🙏. Huge fan for years man. Keep it up. WATERMELON!!
Emily Flores

Emily Flores . 2 hours ago

iPhone Entry Done Why: it would be really cool if I had a unique custom from you
Ajay Krishnan K

Ajay Krishnan K . 3 hours ago

“iPhone entry “ “Done” Why: Because I don’t afford buying an IPhone 11 and I love customised design phones!
Rom An

Rom An . 3 hours ago

"iPhone entry" Done Why: I am from Bangladesh. And I LOVE this design ❤️. please I need a better phone 😭
Madison Cheney

Madison Cheney . 3 hours ago

"IPhone entry" "Done" Why: Because I get bullied at school for having an android and my parents don't have the money Hope I win
Connor the Survivor

Connor the Survivor . 3 hours ago

My parents will not allow me to buy my own phone so they bought me a cheap Motorola with a cracked screen. I can barely even work the thing. This will be like going from dirt to gold.
tj chu

tj chu . 3 hours ago

Yiszel Calixto

Yiszel Calixto . 3 hours ago

iPhone entry: done done: I want to help my mom why: I feel like my mom has done so much to me, and she has a android. obviously it doesn’t work so, and I want her to text me more. usually her phone hangs up when I want to tell her to come pick me up from school so I have to call the office. we don’t have enough money 🥺
a Manuales

a Manuales . 4 hours ago

"iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: I've been considering to get a new phone for a while now. Especially how cracked my screen has been. I also thought a new phone will be great for more/ new storage especially how I've started to take more photos and edit them on my phone now. Plus hey, your unique design of the phone just adds an additional points (the cherry on top 👀 ) finger crossed 🤞🏽
alexis da great

alexis da great . 4 hours ago

“phone entry” “done” ... I’ve been watching vids since January 2019, the real og subscribers know what’s up💖
Karen mir075

Karen mir075 . 4 hours ago

"iPhone entry" "Done" Why: i never got a giveaway and i like the design of each of the iPhone
Alanah's Life

Alanah's Life . 4 hours ago

I literally entered the giveaway FOREVER AGO
Tropical Mango

Tropical Mango . 4 hours ago

“Phone entry” “Done” Why:i need a new phone for my brother his phone has been cracked and destroyed he needs a new one i hope we get it.
Samuel Hancock

Samuel Hancock . 4 hours ago

"Phone entry" "Done". Why: because I need an attractive phone to attract women. Ps you the 🐐
Gabi DeJesús

Gabi DeJesús . 4 hours ago

“Phone entry” “Done” Why: I think it would be really cool to show off your art. You’ll make being in college less expensive. Also I can pursue photography more with this.
Antonia Scott

Antonia Scott . 4 hours ago

I really want a iphone i never had a iphone i would realy like one everyday i always get bullied for having a LG so if i could get the iphone it would mean the world to me.
vrodeizulg //

vrodeizulg // . 4 hours ago

"iPhone entry" "Done" "Why": "Because I want these masterpieces!!!"
amaze beanss

amaze beanss . 4 hours ago

"Iphone entry" "Done" I really want to start photography but I can't afford to buy my own camera so I guess an Iphone is the next best thing. Love you!
Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan Garcia . 4 hours ago

Yo I am a big fan and when I grow up I want to be like you because you like drawing and me to. My goal is to be a good artist 🙂🎨.
Christine Maquiling

Christine Maquiling . 4 hours ago

Wahhh I love that water flowerrr. Since my fav color is blue💙 hope I can win these giveaway😕 my entry is on your story I commented there. TBH you have the sense of humor tho💗😂 this is my first time to watched an Iphone giveaway that are customized🔥 and Im always laughing.

bernacheabraianxx . 5 hours ago

"phone entry" I need is iphone, why would it help me in my mini streamer career, since here in Argentina things are very expensive, I hope to win and my instagram is @bernacheabraianxx
Eli James

Eli James . 5 hours ago

You have a lot of talent
Taylor G

Taylor G . 5 hours ago

"iPhone entry done" "Me knowing I will never win but still having hope because otherwise I'm stuck with a iPhone 5"
laifa ait oumghar

laifa ait oumghar . 5 hours ago

Water flower 😍👍👏
Issac Gutierrez

Issac Gutierrez . 5 hours ago

I can't win because I have no Instagram but I am subscribe
Antoine Burucoa

Antoine Burucoa . 5 hours ago

"iPhone entry" "done" Why: simple, CUZ YOUR ART IS SO FU***NG SICK!!!
Polina Vavilova

Polina Vavilova . 6 hours ago

phone entry Done Why: so that I can finally learn English and understand what you're talking about

MAKABEH KONATEH . 6 hours ago

Phone entry Partially done because I am not allowed to have Instagram but I subscribed and I don’t have a phone

Abby . 6 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” Why: because my mom has a super old iPhone and I would love to give it to her as a gift for her birthday coming up!
Jorge Vazquez

Jorge Vazquez . 6 hours ago

"iPhone entry" "Done" I want it because I have an Android
Karly Norris

Karly Norris . 6 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “done” why: because I love the artwork on the phones and I wanna feel happy like the people in the video”
Emily Blackburn

Emily Blackburn . 6 hours ago

“iPhone entry” “Done” 🥳😁 I absolutely love the drip checker one but of course they are all amazing I love to doodle and draw and can copy pictures quite well if I concentrate but I don’t know how you can just draw something from you mind I would love to be able to do that but mine just end up bad lol.
Izzat Aizal

Izzat Aizal . 7 hours ago

I hope i can get the give away because im your fan

PIeTR0 . 7 hours ago

Zhc is better than you and he has more subscribers than you and i dont like your channel

Nooki . 7 hours ago

I love u l am also a painter ..

PoCoPiCo . 7 hours ago


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