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I Tried Edible FLUID ART On A Cake



Published on 1 month ago

Pour painting was once on a canvas, then on a mop, now it's a confetti cake because I was hungry and needed this to be beautiful and oddly satisfying. Uh.... what do you think?
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Comments :


Gloom . 1 month ago

Stop saying I look pregnant rEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Crystal_flyingpugs . 1 hour ago

It's cool
Magdalena Wakefield

Magdalena Wakefield . 2 hours ago

To everyone talking about lassie, who is she? I only know kartha gewert
louis p

louis p . 4 hours ago

I love the galaxy cake ITS soooooooo pritty
Jia Raj Aryan

Jia Raj Aryan . 7 hours ago

It’s gorgeous!
Marcus Bolden

Marcus Bolden . 8 hours ago

Kartha guwart should be a show on an actually tv network lol
Savannah Brady

Savannah Brady . 10 hours ago

Savannah Brady

Savannah Brady . 10 hours ago

I love this
Nora Leahy

Nora Leahy . 10 hours ago

It looks like a galaxy thooo
Carin Stoll

Carin Stoll . 10 hours ago

I need to eat that cake
wengie 2

wengie 2 . 10 hours ago

Galaxy cake
demon hybrids

demon hybrids . 11 hours ago

*_-im hungry now ;w;-_*
James Pearce

James Pearce . 14 hours ago

I have the same color that you have same brand same everything
Baya&ZoeySistaPower Carranza

Baya&ZoeySistaPower Carranza . 15 hours ago

Art with L

Art with L . 15 hours ago

Kartha (Kassie): I am going to dedicate this cake to Lauren Me (my name is Lauren): Thanks Kartha! 😂
Hannah I need a hug

Hannah I need a hug . 16 hours ago

Cassie: *my friend Lauren* Me: *i have no friends .-.*
marysol solis

marysol solis . 17 hours ago

twinky was bord the holl time and kassy was so exided
Alireza Nikroo

Alireza Nikroo . 17 hours ago

Some on call Lauren for gloom pls 😂😅😊

ajcslc3 . 18 hours ago

I love when you sing
CarrotFromParis 457

CarrotFromParis 457 . 18 hours ago

why does she put them in pans that don't match the colors it causes me pain

DreamCookie740 . 18 hours ago

cake looks beautiful 👍😂 u are awesome Kartha
Kaitlyn Humenchuk

Kaitlyn Humenchuk . 19 hours ago

If I had that cake l’d say it looks like galaxy Pac-Man
Julie Miller

Julie Miller . 21 hours ago

What is your dogs real name
Chayse Barrett

Chayse Barrett . 22 hours ago

Rainbow tooth 🌈 🦷
Raina Hurley

Raina Hurley . 22 hours ago

2:20 ratata impression 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sophia Clanton

Sophia Clanton . 23 hours ago

Ok one question which bothers me the most is why didn't you put the right food coloring in right color pan😣 it just bothered me so much the the blue frosting was in the green pan!!!!
Mar�a Matute M�rquez

Mar�a Matute M�rquez . 23 hours ago


SukiღKurosaki . 23 hours ago

in the end it looks like a galaxy pacman xD
Ellis Welsh

Ellis Welsh . 24 hours ago

Esther Maina

Esther Maina . 1 day ago

Rainy_ Cloud

Rainy_ Cloud . 1 day ago

1:46 Ik ima asian... but why did I read that as cooking some dog?!?
kim jimbob

kim jimbob . 1 day ago

It looks like a Galaxy
Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman . 1 day ago

It looks like a galexy
Steven Yunghans

Steven Yunghans . 1 day ago

Ok reeeeeeeeee gloom
Steven Yunghans

Steven Yunghans . 1 day ago

I am a girl and reeeeeeeeeeee
Claire Crosby-Cole

Claire Crosby-Cole . 1 day ago

I love da cake! But I like ALL cakes. So it doesn’t really make a difference 😂😂
Autumn Walker

Autumn Walker . 1 day ago

I think it looks very cool I would definitely eat it or get for my birthday cake only if it was a theme that was dark but I'll still
Fifi Flair

Fifi Flair . 1 day ago

I love the cack
Sarah Combs

Sarah Combs . 1 day ago

Your cake is beautiful never doubt yourself
Emme Torgersen

Emme Torgersen . 1 day ago

Gloom I like your cake
Sarah Combs

Sarah Combs . 1 day ago

But your name is Cassie
Briana Richardson

Briana Richardson . 1 day ago

Looks like galexy cake

Twilight_gacha . 1 day ago

Kate Fox

Kate Fox . 1 day ago

"If it were a painting i would like to hang it! If it were a cake I would be able to eat it! If it were a dog i would want to roast -Kartha Gewart 2020
Honor Whittaker

Honor Whittaker . 1 day ago

Why didn't she put the the color of the pan that matches the color of the food coloring? 🥺😭 P.s ily
Kzgrace Unicorn

Kzgrace Unicorn . 1 day ago

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Sam Sanfeliz

Sam Sanfeliz . 1 day ago

She loves the little pans cause she is a little pan {even though she's like, 5'8 according to the internet oop, joke failed.}
lalla ndiaye

lalla ndiaye . 2 days ago

bruh -_- there is a corona going around and you are taking off lids with your mouth there may be germs -_-
Stephanie Janssen

Stephanie Janssen . 2 days ago

My Dog Died When He Was 15 :(
Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes . 2 days ago

gloom and Kartha gewart should do a collab what do u think guys? yay or nay

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