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Catching Flights AND Feelings



Published on 1 week ago

Met a girl at Los Angeles baggage claim on a chance encounter and things developed into a classic case of 'this could be us but you playin'.

●Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/swoozie/
●Twitter: http://twitter.com/sWooZ1e

Shirt I'm wearing: https://evertreeclothing.com/products/sorry-im-late-i-didnt-want-to-come-t-shirt-tank-top?_pos=4&_sid=4d6c7ea93&_ss=r&variant=20521923051578

Peeps mentioned in vid:

London: https://www.instagram.com/londonshaygoheen/
Naz: https://www.instagram.com/nazaninkavari/
Yas: https://www.instagram.com/yasminkavari/
Victoria: https://www.instagram.com/victoriablanc/

Mystery video: https://yt.mba/watch/d7hOwFqHI1w

Comments :

luis whiley

luis whiley . 1 week ago

Finally, a swoozie art style I can recreate

DJ A. . 56 minutes ago

Better not be a during Corona time
Son Goku

Son Goku . 1 hour ago

Phat Sokha

Phat Sokha . 2 hours ago

The fack is this so bad
Apples And oranges

Apples And oranges . 2 hours ago

Bro you’re short that’s why, soy boy.
Naomi washington

Naomi washington . 2 hours ago

Should’ve went with LAX girl #1

S&S AMERICA . 4 hours ago

This dude is a G. And after every he didn't rat on anybody. *Respect*
Okay, Fine.

Okay, Fine. . 5 hours ago


MIRUxFUTURE . 6 hours ago

I’m upset because I went on swoozies insta trying to find the “baddie” but he has like 200 girls on there🤣
L_avoKJ_L /

L_avoKJ_L / . 7 hours ago

Ayyy I swag when I surf
Yung Smeaty

Yung Smeaty . 9 hours ago

What is up with this amazing animation
Luis Ibarra

Luis Ibarra . 10 hours ago

OMGGG I Love Your videos, I’ve always wanted to make animated story time videos but I just don’t know how to animate lol
Black Lotus15

Black Lotus15 . 12 hours ago

You had Yoda do your animation didnt you Swoozie? Is he trying to work a bit harder to get that money back u took from him in that race?


the life of a NERD...:(
Noah Adegge

Noah Adegge . 15 hours ago

Who else misses sWooZie's old anmation | | |

CanadianQueen76 . 16 hours ago

That shirt is my life choices sometimes.
Alyssa Ramirez

Alyssa Ramirez . 19 hours ago

Isaiah Phelps

Isaiah Phelps . 21 hours ago

Swooz u got all these baddies as yo friends. All these stories of u fucking wit baddies. Bro what is yo secret
Khari Shelton

Khari Shelton . 21 hours ago

lori harvey and future. i'm calling it I. AM. CALLING. IT. 💯💯👋🏼😤

SabreGoof23 . 1 day ago

0:33 was that the kermit as palpatine?
Clos MasMas

Clos MasMas . 1 day ago

Stars in LA?
lol boy

lol boy . 1 day ago

Simmmmmmmmm Mmmmmp
Devoo James

Devoo James . 1 day ago

poop dwdd

poop dwdd . 1 day ago

while we aint doing shit tell us more stories u be entertaining
Edwina Marie

Edwina Marie . 1 day ago

It’s none of my business, nor my concern. GHOST PROTOCOL LMAO. // Swoozie stays out here flying girls to LA and I’m just over here WAITING FOR MY PLANE TICKET????? You know, after this whole pandemic ends. You’re such an amazing storyteller, I’m always excited to watch, thank you for so many years of free entertainment 😁😁😁

L . 1 day ago

I’m wonder how swoozie isn’t at 7 mill subs yet like what the heck
Kahlil Morrison

Kahlil Morrison . 1 day ago

Don’t waste your time on these girls and find a honest woman, don’t look down bro you’ll drop your crown
Soinas Doyi

Soinas Doyi . 1 day ago

I cant think of a good enough comment to get pinned.

LivingThoughItAll . 1 day ago

Why did our red strings of fate never cross? You are one of my absolute favorite humans in existence!
Brandon Dellemann

Brandon Dellemann . 1 day ago


TheMagicKnightress . 1 day ago

Production value is through the roof with this one

Abby94 . 1 day ago

"I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter" *Why* are you stealing quotes from linkin park?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Vincent Obispo

John Vincent Obispo . 1 day ago

A-list is a SIMP wooooh
Angie Becerra-Flores

Angie Becerra-Flores . 1 day ago

Awww poor swoozie you didnt need her anyways she was just a user not even worth it
Justin Dotson

Justin Dotson . 1 day ago

Swoozie man to me you're the best and I love your stories keep it up.

ShonenJapan . 1 day ago

Yo Swooz. What's with the downgraded kindergarten art? How you go from dope ass animation to this? Splain that to me
Brandy Polk

Brandy Polk . 2 days ago

You aww but your so cute and funny.... idk y ppl treat u like u!!!
Che Martin

Che Martin . 2 days ago

DUDE IM FROM THE CARIBBEAN TO ! *sorry for caps*
sniperboy3000 f

sniperboy3000 f . 2 days ago

My future

brianplays . 2 days ago

When get ghosted by a girl who you influence to move to LA 🤔

kiara_jessica . 2 days ago

Mann, I feel so bad for swoozie, every story time always end up with him loosing.. :(
bodoti qwiu

bodoti qwiu . 2 days ago

can we start a petition for swoozie to tell us if he's still a virgin. personally I don't care, I just want to see drama

MKF30 . 2 days ago

Lmao thata great, not sure why but yt won't notify me of your vids. Lol. The emperor thing haha. That was great "do it"! And that girl is hot, so the hot chick the first one was with some celeb a lister? Damn....don't she known who the swoozie is? Thirst mcgirst haha. The Simon & Garfunkel song omg immediately thought of that interview with Ben Affleck and Henry cavill on batman v superman. Lol. I feel your pain. Linking Park ftw. Petey been single for over 20 years now☹

Wildpepper123 . 2 days ago

im afraid swoozie might be a simp :(

TrashPanda . 2 days ago

every swoozie video has worse and worse drawings
Donavon Davis

Donavon Davis . 2 days ago

SwooZie= best Youtuber. Road to 7m we can make it
Jennifer Townsend

Jennifer Townsend . 2 days ago

Hugs from the jenn swooz 😄💕

hanjaessi . 2 days ago

*dreams of getting flewed out by Swoozie*

RitchyGotGame . 2 days ago

In the end by Linkin Park hmmm.
Ethan Heath

Ethan Heath . 2 days ago

365th vid merry new years

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