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The Bramfam

The Bramfam

Published on 1 week ago

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Comments :

Ashley Martinez

Ashley Martinez . 7 hours ago

my favorite is the jumpers the snake fish?
Holly Coleman

Holly Coleman . 9 hours ago

My name is holly and i love you guys
Solly Maharaj

Solly Maharaj . 9 hours ago

Hi i love u guys so much my name is ahista i would really like if u come and visit me
Kayla Velez

Kayla Velez . 11 hours ago

March 24th was my sisters birthday she terned 11
Gabriela Bahena

Gabriela Bahena . 12 hours ago

So cool
Familia Castro

Familia Castro . 22 hours ago

Can you plz respond ur my favorite YouTuber and it's my birthday I text u in Snapchat but u never answer I love all of u and I would like to meet u guys
oriana arce

oriana arce . 22 hours ago

I loved the fish vlog it was somehow soothing.. Yes give them personalities 😉
Janessa King

Janessa King . 23 hours ago

I know I’m late to comment, but if u haven’t thought of names, u should name the clownfish’s Nemo and Marlin and if the other fish is a girl name her dory and if a boy name him Doris or something like that.
Laura Villanueva

Laura Villanueva . 1 day ago

She dont care of her kids
Kenna Durham

Kenna Durham . 1 day ago

loving these fish vids!!!
Tazmin Tofozzul

Tazmin Tofozzul . 1 day ago

Why weren't you wearing you wedding ring?
Jazlyn Ventura

Jazlyn Ventura . 1 day ago

You would get a bigger big
Edwin CB

Edwin CB . 1 day ago

It’s fish not fishes
Sanchez Forever

Sanchez Forever . 1 day ago

Rosario tijeras whaaattttttt😮🥴❤️
Isabel S

Isabel S . 1 day ago

This is honestly so peaceful
Olivia Arnfield

Olivia Arnfield . 1 day ago

Is nobody gonna talk about Luis’s face at 12:06? 😂😂🤣🤣

Joanna . 1 day ago

When balcom says “fish” he actually sounds like he is saying “pez” (fish in Spanish). He is so smart 😅
Lesley Baez

Lesley Baez . 1 day ago

Zawat Rifai

Zawat Rifai . 2 days ago

So cute❤️❤️
Rista Neupane

Rista Neupane . 2 days ago

I love the fish which Penelope picked out
Morgan Martinez

Morgan Martinez . 2 days ago

i wanted to buy some of yall merch but its all sold out in my size small are yall going to restock?

KRISTEE MONTOYA . 2 days ago

You made my day, I love fish!! I also love your kids, their cute personalities. Thanks for helping us get through this quarantine. Keep the videos coming!
Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller . 2 days ago

Awesome video it's great especially to get a new pet you guys are cool don't let negativity get you down
Karina Nava

Karina Nava . 2 days ago

Make a time lapse of the long fish moving the sand lol
niduoe stre

niduoe stre . 2 days ago

I was so satisfied listening to bramty talk about the fishes and showing them to us

LEAH AND ELLA . 2 days ago

8:14 Bramty: Levy don’t be shy ☺️ me: PUT SOME MORE!
jstar Porter

jstar Porter . 2 days ago

Omg you should name the clown fish Marlin & Nemo and the blue fish dory 😄 @theBramfam
Hunny Ellis

Hunny Ellis . 2 days ago

you do not need make up you are cute the way you are
Marlene Ruiz

Marlene Ruiz . 2 days ago

I LOVE the fish facts!!! Keep them coming please !!!
Nadezda Fenyesova

Nadezda Fenyesova . 2 days ago

Sorry I ment your😢😢😢
Angela Cid

Angela Cid . 2 days ago

List ur skincare products!!
Viviana Zuniga

Viviana Zuniga . 2 days ago

Can you post more about the fishes!!!!!!
Kimani S

Kimani S . 2 days ago

Ahhh I see you guys using acure😍 My favorite skin care Brand!!!!
Cheyanne Dale

Cheyanne Dale . 3 days ago

I love the fish tho
Sebastian Castro

Sebastian Castro . 3 days ago

Bramty talking about the fishes: Marine Biologist: just left the chat
Anastasia v

Anastasia v . 3 days ago

It’s very entertaining when Bramty talks about the now I want to see more updates and see how many more fish they get
Divine Grace Mafuta

Divine Grace Mafuta . 3 days ago

The toothbrush 😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂lol yoo I’m dying
Autoo BB

Autoo BB . 3 days ago

Why did she give the coral a shrimp
Stefani Polanco

Stefani Polanco . 3 days ago

I love how talkative The twins are 🥺🥺
jennifer najera

jennifer najera . 3 days ago

is anyone noticing how they have been wearing a lot of phora merch?
Charming nowhere to hide

Charming nowhere to hide . 3 days ago

ones are the best!! ❤️❤️😍😍 love you guys so much. keep uploading and be safe❤️
queenn marrii

queenn marrii . 3 days ago

OMGGG, i just got fish the other day, and had they for a couple days and i just recently got a new filter, and then my fish would pace up and down the tank, like you clown fish did. i was wondering why it did that, so i looked it up and it’ means your fish are stressed or don’t like their new environment, so idk if your fish or stressed but they might be. after i looked it up i immediately removed my filter back to my old one and they stopped pacing, so your fish might be stressed. 🥺
Life of Gen

Life of Gen . 3 days ago

please do not get a baby shark😂me and my sister had baby fishes & my older sister had a baby shark & it ate out fishes
Janae love

Janae love . 3 days ago

The fish are so cute😍😍😍
Editing Tutorials

Editing Tutorials . 3 days ago

I love watching the fish and bramty explaining what the fish like to do and my favorite fish is the blue big one!
Safiya Nilamdeen

Safiya Nilamdeen . 3 days ago

Omg I want now a fish tank it’s so interesting to watch them 😂❤️❤️ I love your fish tanks and I love all the fishes they are cute but when I must be pick one I will pick the Nemo one❤️❤️🤪
Vanessa Castrejon

Vanessa Castrejon . 3 days ago

I’m Louis with the face products😭😂
Shortymami Bermudez

Shortymami Bermudez . 3 days ago

Why did I felt so interesting 🧐 listening to bramty talking about the fish 🐠 😹
Amy Arellano

Amy Arellano . 4 days ago

More fish
Amy Arellano

Amy Arellano . 4 days ago

U should should get my fish for your tank

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