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Reacting To Tik Toks About Me

James Charles

James Charles

Published on 1 month ago

HI SISTERS! Ever since I joined Tik Tok, there have been quite a few posts made about me. In today's video, I wanted to watch and react to some of the craziest James Charles Tik Toks. Leave me a comment and let me know which was your favorite. Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

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EDITOR: Ryan Allen

GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

Comments :

Venezuelan Sisters

Venezuelan Sisters . 18 minutes ago

But u didn’t have to cut me off😔🤣
Sierra Johnson

Sierra Johnson . 27 minutes ago

I knew exactly what video the "oh no I'm going to be flat" was from. It was from the video when James' brother went and picked James makeup and it was sorta a fail and he had to go to Tati's event afterwards. James' brother forgot contour so thats why he was saying his face was going to look flat
Briiana Cora

Briiana Cora . 29 minutes ago

can u do my makeup pls
Miguel Soto

Miguel Soto . 35 minutes ago

I dont like James Charles
Abel Belete

Abel Belete . 42 minutes ago

To be honest I don't like him
y e s s i r y e s s i r

y e s s i r y e s s i r . 44 minutes ago

I never realized how bomb his intro is

Elizabeth . 47 minutes ago

bruh i just love his positive energy! hes so kind and funny, it brings a smile to my face!
Shooter YT

Shooter YT . 48 minutes ago

Quinn Wiegand

Quinn Wiegand . 48 minutes ago

know u will not but will you look at my TikTok but my @ is @weabow it would be nice if u did the community I am in gets a lot of hate because people think that we can't do art and we just pigy back off a app and 1 big reason is people who heat sorry for rambling but I just got 200 and can at lest look to see my page
Shooter YT

Shooter YT . 49 minutes ago

🤣😂 Lamo
Mahan Zendehdel

Mahan Zendehdel . 56 minutes ago

I don't think you look like charli cause your hair is different and she has freckles and the face
Isaiah Griffith

Isaiah Griffith . 1 hour ago

That one was from your alphabetical makeup video
Rosa Gay

Rosa Gay . 1 hour ago

Love u sister james you are like more than a sister
Elizabeth Ullrich

Elizabeth Ullrich . 1 hour ago

idk why but ancient days make me laugh so hard

GABBY BIBIAN . 1 hour ago

the audio is from the video with sister ian. he bought your makeup in that video for the challenge and forgot to get you contour!
Elisea,ziva &Jayla!!!

Elisea,ziva &Jayla!!! . 1 hour ago

OMG I wish I could do wings like u!!!!! TEACH MEH
Elisea,ziva &Jayla!!!

Elisea,ziva &Jayla!!! . 1 hour ago

New fan hellooooo
Tim Cosner

Tim Cosner . 1 hour ago

Lazarbeam thinks your cute

jigglypuff97 . 1 hour ago

Sister Shlong 😭😂✌️ goodbye
Abigail Padron

Abigail Padron . 2 hours ago

Sister sholong 😂

Trystyn . 2 hours ago

Ok so everyone who wanted a sound on TikTok I made one!!! Follow me on tik tok @trystyn_spams to see it!!
Naxty YT

Naxty YT . 2 hours ago

Hi James Charles Dickinson
Edward Archer

Edward Archer . 2 hours ago

the last tik tok tho lol
Jackray Playz

Jackray Playz . 2 hours ago

Nah she has t*ts
Gabriela Delgado

Gabriela Delgado . 2 hours ago


familyfirst . 2 hours ago

Are you ga-
Elise Lastname

Elise Lastname . 2 hours ago

The audio is from the vid little brother picks my makeup
Kahlan Asher

Kahlan Asher . 2 hours ago

I'm having a alergeck reachen right now
Cujo And the owner

Cujo And the owner . 2 hours ago

I love James but lol
Evan Davidson

Evan Davidson . 2 hours ago

Akiya Martin

Akiya Martin . 2 hours ago

i loved his reaction when a guy thought he was a girl and said dam this makes this better and if james u see i loveee u so much i really love to become a sister and ur the most amazing person iv seen
Angelica Rodriguez

Angelica Rodriguez . 2 hours ago

Ya I love your tick tock it so cool
allisson angeles

allisson angeles . 2 hours ago

Omg, James I love you sm.
taylor gesford

taylor gesford . 2 hours ago

James: hello I am the sister Me:yasssssssss
allisson angeles

allisson angeles . 2 hours ago

I was DYING when he moved his head when playing the piano. Omgg I can stop laughingggg
Jessica Normandin

Jessica Normandin . 3 hours ago

SISTER SHLONG oh nooo lmaoooo
Addison Pollitt

Addison Pollitt . 3 hours ago

“My poor pp”
Alexis Arellano

Alexis Arellano . 3 hours ago

We all love James but I'm pretty sure we all know what tiktok is love you
Fake Gamer Girl

Fake Gamer Girl . 3 hours ago

It was when your brother picked your makeup products and forgot the bronzer
Jaeda Gourdouros

Jaeda Gourdouros . 3 hours ago

James Charles Is THE BEST!
Randa Al Hajj

Randa Al Hajj . 3 hours ago

After watching james videos: Me all the time saying:Don't be shy puts some more puts some more 😂😂 The best ever😂

SALIM Said . 3 hours ago

Real I thought he is a girl from the thamnale
Juan Rios

Juan Rios . 3 hours ago

James Charles you're funny LMAO🥳
Alyssa Bradford

Alyssa Bradford . 3 hours ago

No one: Literally no one: James:My poor p.p.
VikingFury SI

VikingFury SI . 3 hours ago

4:08 Which one is James Charles?
Ladejah HOGG

Ladejah HOGG . 3 hours ago

I think James Charles should call his haters
Kim Jicuice

Kim Jicuice . 3 hours ago

8:31 shocked by his own face
Star Power

Star Power . 3 hours ago

James: laughs at every time to me:DoNt bE ShY PuT SoMe mOrE
Tila Lowe

Tila Lowe . 3 hours ago

a h
Amiyah Fletcher

Amiyah Fletcher . 3 hours ago

Hey sister im caling u NOW

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