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Apex Legends Audio/Sound Bug Fix

by: Ragarath Duration: 03:49

A lot of players are experiencing sound issues with Apex Legends. I had no sound at all. Watch the video to find out how I fixed my issue.

This fix may help you out but as with all of these problems different people appear to be experiencing different issues. I hope this fix helps at least some of you out.

Please consider subscribing if the video helped you out. Full text details on the fix are below.

1) Right click on the volume control in the notification area (bottom right) and select "Sounds"
2) Select the playback tab.
3) select your default sound device (Apex seems to only use the default)
4) Click the butoon labelled "Properties"
5) Select the "Enhancements" tab
6) Check "Disable all Sound Effects"
7) Click "OK"

Hope fully this will fix it for some of you if you have a Realtek sound device.

In my comments I have suggested some other fixes that have also helped some people out. I've listed these below, give them a try if the video did not help.

Sound from teammates but not enemy:
- I've not had this specific issue but I had already completed a step that another person has reported solved this for them. When you open your playback devices under the sounds control panel disable all devices you are not using. For me I was only using the Realtek output so I disabled my monitor and the other realtek device.
- Also make sure to try using the configure button to select your correct sound setup to match your device. Stereo, Quad, 5.1, 7.1. Also try it on just stereo.

Posted by WarWolf
- What fixed it for me was disabling my Bluetooth headphones and pairing them back up while in apex. Hope this works if you use Bluetooth!

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- Turn off Nvidia Shadowplay